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Ask Next Stage Woman BY ROBIN RIDDELL Q. A. After a long career, my position has been eliminated. I am too young to retire and (apparently) too old to be hired for another job. I am restless to start something new as an entrepreneur. How do I discover which direction I should take? — Lori K., Michigan It’s tough to be “experienced” and be looking for a job these days. But as you are discovering, there are many wonderful entrepreneurship opportunities! So, do you start from scratch, purchase a franchise, consult, freelance, or what? The beauty of Robin * your question is that you already have the answer.... Keep reading! Get the answer by clicking here. Riddell is the vice-president of Strategic Development for GRAND Magazine and recently founded Next Stage Woman, a forum and network for women entrepreneurs. Contact her at info@next stagewoman. com. If you have a question relating to kinship care, please write to Michelle Gross, Director of Operations for the National Committee of Grandparents for Children’s Rights, at To learn more about NCGCR, call 866-824-9900. Drag scroll bar for more listings MAR APR 2011 GRAND 41

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Grand - Mar/Apr 2011
Grand Treasure Hunt
Table of Contents
Grand View
Grand Central
Tanner, a poem by Glenda Barrett
Cover Story: Envisioning Clean and Green
Fly, Ladies!
Take Charge of Your Health
Grand Products
Angels in St. Petersburg
The Power of Prevention
Grandparent Rights: Sneaking Around
Ask Next Stage Woman
Kinship Care
Fighting Family Obesity
Grand Finale
Toys ’N Tech
Find Fun Things To Do
Pot or Not?

GRAND Magazine - March/April 2011