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toys ’n tech Bringrr-bringrr! Who’s there? BY DAN NESSEL that’s who, with tech fun for everyon T his month we cover some cool technology products that promise to make your life a little easier and more fun. Don’t worry—no cutting-edge gadgets that require a doctorate in engineering to operate. Everything here is real-world tested and easy to use for grandparents and grandkids! You fought it and resisted it, but now you feel naked if you leave your house without it. We are of course talking about the cell phone. Now a new device called the Bringrr Charger makes sure you never leave 46 GRAND MAR APR 2011 home without your cell phone. The Bringrr plugs into the power port in your car. Each time you start your car, the Bringrr wirelessly scans the car for your cell phone; if it cannot find it, it flashes a red light and says “Bring.” The Bringrr Charger also includes a cable to charge your phone, so not only will you remember your phone, you can keep it charged. [Bringrr Charger, $34.95. Full Review] Grandkids, we all love them, but they sure have sticky hands! Get the

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Grand - Mar/Apr 2011
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Tanner, a poem by Glenda Barrett
Cover Story: Envisioning Clean and Green
Fly, Ladies!
Take Charge of Your Health
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Angels in St. Petersburg
The Power of Prevention
Grandparent Rights: Sneaking Around
Ask Next Stage Woman
Kinship Care
Fighting Family Obesity
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Pot or Not?

GRAND Magazine - March/April 2011