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contents 8 GRAND CENTRAL 14 Tanner MaRCH/aPRiL 2011 Happy Meals: yea or nay?... Hurray, Earth Day!...Web TV for boomers 18 One touch and a world of meaning rushes in 18 ON ThE COvER: Mark victor hansen: Envisioning clean and green Chicken soup for the future generations 41 KINShIP CARE RESOURCES hEALTh 22 EXTRAORDINARY GRAND Fly, Ladies! Marla Cilley helps millions clean up their act 42 YOUR GRANDKIDS’ Fighting Family Obesity Is it genetic or do we just eat too much? 24 Take Charge of Your health What the new Medicare can do for you 44 GRAND FINALE 46 TOYS ’N TECh 51 OP-ED 28 Angels in Younger Than Springtime Bringrr-bringrr! Who’s there? IGRAND-tested tech 28 36 St. Petersburg Stepping up to prevent child abuse 32 The Power of Prevention 8 ways to save kids from abuse Pot or Not? 36 GRANDPARENT RIGhTS Sneaking Around Cheat and you could lose your rights Should we legalize marijuana? COVER PHOTO: Debbie LeFever, MaR aPR 2011 GRAND 5

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of GRAND Magazine - March/April 2011

Grand - Mar/Apr 2011
Grand Treasure Hunt
Table of Contents
Grand View
Grand Central
Tanner, a poem by Glenda Barrett
Cover Story: Envisioning Clean and Green
Fly, Ladies!
Take Charge of Your Health
Grand Products
Angels in St. Petersburg
The Power of Prevention
Grandparent Rights: Sneaking Around
Ask Next Stage Woman
Kinship Care
Fighting Family Obesity
Grand Finale
Toys ’N Tech
Find Fun Things To Do
Pot or Not?

GRAND Magazine - March/April 2011