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grand view Two imperatives: protect the children and Mother Earth Often people over, say, 50 or 60 adopt an attitude that the critical issues of life are behind them; they feel they have fought their fights. It’s time to go into cruise mode and let the next generation solve the world’s problems. But for us grandparents, responsible for the legacy we leave our grandchildren, this attitude is a luxury we cannot afford and have not earned. By most measures, our country has been in decline throughout our adult lives. We have not only failed to lead the developed world in quality of life and opportunity, we have failed to keep pace in education, life expectancy (the U.S. is now 49th), health care and environmental protection. But today’s grandparents are the most powerful grands to hit the planet, and it’s still our time to show our stuff. In this issue you’ll meet Mark Victor Hansen, known around the world for his inspiring leadership. After you read and/or hear Mark’s interview, if you aren’t inspired to join the fight to protect the environment, then you’d 6 GRAND MAR APR 2011 Christine Crosby with g’kids better check your pulse. You’ll also meet Sandy Kearney, an amazing Florida grandmom who inspires us to protect children. I’ve joined and challenge you to do the same and become an Angel Against Abuse. This issue’s Extraordinary GRANDparent inspires us to get our home/life organized. If we don’t, we won’t have the time or energy to protect our grandchildren and Mother Earth, so don’t miss Marla Cilley, aka The FlyLady. I’d love to hear what YOU think of this issue and especially our op-ed question on page 51. My best to you and your families, Christine Crosby, Founder & Publisher

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Grand - Mar/Apr 2011
Grand Treasure Hunt
Table of Contents
Grand View
Grand Central
Tanner, a poem by Glenda Barrett
Cover Story: Envisioning Clean and Green
Fly, Ladies!
Take Charge of Your Health
Grand Products
Angels in St. Petersburg
The Power of Prevention
Grandparent Rights: Sneaking Around
Ask Next Stage Woman
Kinship Care
Fighting Family Obesity
Grand Finale
Toys ’N Tech
Find Fun Things To Do
Pot or Not?

GRAND Magazine - March/April 2011