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Birds do it And so do we BY DORREE LYNN B irds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it,” wrote Cole Porter. Well, so do we grands. The difference is, if you expect to make love the same way you did when hormones were your propelling force, forget it. Fifty-plus togetherness takes a different kind of motivation. Yes, we have pills, Kegel exercises, hormone replacements and titillating flicks, and of course we all know that healthy diets and exercise help. But what really makes the difference is the way we think about it all. 32 GRAND JULY AUG 2011 The birds and the bees for upbeat grands e The brain is your major sex organ. If what’s below your belt doesn’t work the way it once did, change your thinking about sex. Sex is all about process, not only the goal. e Learn to cherish your sensuality. Remember Marvin Gaye’s songs “Let’s Get It On” and “Sexual Healing”? Now we can understand what that sexy guy was singing about.

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GRAND - July/Aug 2011
Grand Treasure Hunt
Table of Contents
Grand View
Grand Central
American Pride (and Peace of Mind)
The Golden Now
Cover Story: The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Grandparenting
2011 Awards for Best Grandparenting Books
Bite Your Tongue?
Grand Products
Extraordinary Grands: Claudia Timbo
Grand Families: Going Through the Fire
Birds Do It
Grandparent Rights: Brainwashing Hannah
Teaching Kindness by Example
Getting Creative with Childhood Obesity
Toys ’n Tech
“Whadya Say??”
Grand Finale
The Big Reveal
Op Ed: Same-Sex Marriage, Pro or No?
Kinship Care Resources
Find Fun Things to Do

GRAND Magazine - July/August 2011