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High tech & no tech toys ’n tech BY DAN NESSEL reports on more fun at Toy Fair T his month we continue our coverage of Toy Fair 2011, the biggest toy show in North America. We’ve tested some great toys for all types of grandkids. The toys range from high tech to no tech, but they all share one feature: They’re fun! Let’s jump into part two of our Toy Fair coverage…. Remember when a Hot Wheels car was just a car? Not anymore! The Hot Wheels Video Racer puts a video camera, microphone, LCD screen, battery and USB jack into a standard44 GRAND JULY AUG 2011 sized Hot Wheels car. Now the grandkids can record all the stunts and jumps they do with their Hot Wheels Video Racer car, export the videos to the computer and share with friends and family. Age 5+. [Hot Wheels Video Racer, $60. Full Review w/demo] Like technology, but also want to get the kids to play outside? The Nerf Super Soaker Thun- derstorm is the first battery powered Super Soaker water gun. Kids love the Super

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GRAND - July/Aug 2011
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Cover Story: The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Grandparenting
2011 Awards for Best Grandparenting Books
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Grandparent Rights: Brainwashing Hannah
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Op Ed: Same-Sex Marriage, Pro or No?
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GRAND Magazine - July/August 2011