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“Whadya say??” “For God’s sake, get a hearing aid!” BY RICHARD J. ANTHONY, SR. F or me, old age began the day when, for the third time in five minutes, I uttered the words, “Whadya say?” and the other person screamed back, “For God’s sake, get a hearing aid!” I admit it. For years I’d been in denial about my gradual hearing loss. I associated it with diminished virility. Blamed it on wax buildup, people who didn’t speak distinctly or high female voices that were audible only to household pets. When I finally ran out of plausible explanations, I gave in to visiting an audiologist and the ignominy of being seated in a soundproof box, earphones on, straining to respond to a 46 GRAND JULY AUG 2011 Gen Y technician with a tattoo on her neck. Fifteen minutes later it was official: “Mr. Anthony has significant hearing loss in both ears and could benefit from amplification devices.” My wife, who had foretold the results, took a victory lap. Within a week I was festooned with solicitations from hearing aid purveyors within a 50-mile radius, which made me wonder about the privacy forms I sign when people in white poke at different parts of my body.

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GRAND - July/Aug 2011
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Cover Story: The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Grandparenting
2011 Awards for Best Grandparenting Books
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Grand Families: Going Through the Fire
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Grandparent Rights: Brainwashing Hannah
Teaching Kindness by Example
Getting Creative with Childhood Obesity
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“Whadya Say??”
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The Big Reveal
Op Ed: Same-Sex Marriage, Pro or No?
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GRAND Magazine - July/August 2011