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Have a noble holiday Don’t feel ambivalent: focus on what’s really important W by leDA SANfoRD hen the holidays are upon us, they bring their emotional mix of anticipation, tension, joy and disappointment. Single people without traditional family obligations—and especially women—often feel very ambivalent about this time of year. On the one hand, they may miss being needed, miss the familiar duties that for so long anchored their lives. On the other hand, they may feel liberated from the family tensions and the work that are part of the package. More and more people make plans to go away during this stressful period, hoping to avoid the whole thing. In lieu of trying to recapture the elusive wonder of the holidays, they opt for a vacation in Hawaii. But running away is seldom truly satisfactory. We lose so much—and so do those around us. For me, the true message of the season has always rested in ennobling values, such as kindness, generosity and love. Facing reality means finding a way to honor those values and our obligations to others. Like it or not, women remain the central protagonists in family life; consequently, the responsibility for all the good things that are supposed to take place around the holidays continues to fall on our shoulders. We are the nurturers, the protectors and the leaders, whether within a photo: © 36 GRAND Nov Dec 2011

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GRAND - Nov./Dec. 2011
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GRAND Magazine - November/December 2011