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Men-o-morph! With “male menopause” there’s more than one way to stay in the game O by DR. DoRRee lyNN kay, guys, this one’s for you. Women aren’t the only ones who experience a change as they age. From erectile dysfunction to midlife crisis, fantasies and infidelity, you’ve got your own issues to deal with. But if you know what you’re in for, then you’ll be better prepared to handle it. You and your “best friend.” Years ago, things were simple. When you first found your penis, it likely became your best buddy. But somewhere along the way you might feel like it became your parttime enemy—erections might not be as frequent or last as long. This is not cause for panic. Less Performance = More Pleasure! The truth is that a man’s penis is highly delicate and responds with great sensitivity to both touch and emotion. Men can have many sexual sensations that go beyond their transient erections, yet most men tend to follow the foreplay-penetration-orgasm pattern learned in youth. A man’s entire body is an erogenous zone—skin is the largest sex organ and is often neglected. Shifting your focus from penetration and performance to relaxation and pleasure can make sex a whole lot more enjoyable! Midlife crisis? Somewhere between 40 and 50, men begin to notice both physical and photo: © 44 GRAND Nov Dec 2011

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GRAND - Nov./Dec. 2011
Grand View
Tips on Talking With Grandkids
Grand Treasure Hunt
Table of Contents
Grand Central
No More Questions
How Hip Are You?
’Tis the Season to Be Techie!
Cover Story: Golden Grandparents’ Rule #1
The Secret Guest
Spirituality for Grandkids
Stocking Stuffers and Beyond...
Have a Noble Holiday
Grandparents Survival Guide
Saving Pirate Ryan
Kinship Care Resources
Grandpa’s Dream

GRAND Magazine - November/December 2011