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healthy grandkids photo: © Daniel Laflor Nutrition No-No’s 6 mealtime mistakes to avoid with your grandkids M By JANiCE WADE-millER Share this article with your friends. 16 GRAND ost of us try to avoid the mistakes our parents made when exposing us to food, and we make an effort to teach good eating habits to our grandkids. Children are curious by nature, and our own attitudes toward food choices can influence a child’s eating habits and preferences for life. Here are some simple mealtime approaches you can use to help your grandkids develop a healthy and open-minded relationship with food. Avoid these mealtime mistakes: 1. Keeping children out of the kitchen during meal preparation It is understandable that adults don’t want kids near boiling liquids and sharp knives. But studies show that children who have been given a hand in preparing meals will come to want to try the food they’ve helped to make. Give them small, age-appropriate tasks. Here’s a guide for what they can do, based on age: JAN FEB 2012

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GRAND – Jan/Feb 2012
Grand View
Safety Buzz for Grandkids: A Safer World
Catching Up with Kay Glynn
Table of Contents
Grand Central
Riding the Age Wave
Healthy Grandkids: Nutrition No-No’s
“Natural” or Not?
Citrus Wonder: MCP
Cover Story: Werner Berger
School Readiness: Imagine That!
Toys ’n Tech
Healthy Grandparents
Grandparent Rights: Guilt Trip
Sex for Better Health

GRAND Magazine - January/February 2012