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healthy grandparents photo: © Juanmonino, Michał Modzelewski it’s time to talk about two unpleasant problems that threaten our well-being F By DR. loRA A. PlAsKoN Lora A. Plaskon, M.D., M.S.E., is a female urologic specialist at Athena urology in issaquah, Washington. or many women, urinary incontinence is a serious and embarrassing problem that prevents them from fully enjoying life’s most precious moments. While some may be too embarrassed to discuss it, even with their doctor, they are certainly not alone. Nearly one third of women over the age of 45 suffer from incontinence, and it affects as many as half of all women over 65. If you are one of the millions suffering in silence, you should know that a wide range of effective and noninvasive treatment options can help you regain the comfort, confidence and active lifestyle you once knew. In most cases, urinary incontinence is an entirely treatable condition, and one that may be completely curable with the right solution. The first step is to find out which type you have. The two main types are stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and urge incontinence (overactive bladder). Women with SUI tend to leak when they sneeze, cough, laugh or strain, such as when lifting something heavy. On the other hand, urge incontinence is the result of overactive bladder muscles that contract and cause a sudden, overwhelming urge to use the restroom and make it sometimes impossible to hold it long 32 GRAND JAN FEB 2012 { Don’t let incontinence slow you down & { Say goodbye to incontinence to sleep apnea good night

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GRAND – Jan/Feb 2012
Grand View
Safety Buzz for Grandkids: A Safer World
Catching Up with Kay Glynn
Table of Contents
Grand Central
Riding the Age Wave
Healthy Grandkids: Nutrition No-No’s
“Natural” or Not?
Citrus Wonder: MCP
Cover Story: Werner Berger
School Readiness: Imagine That!
Toys ’n Tech
Healthy Grandparents
Grandparent Rights: Guilt Trip
Sex for Better Health

GRAND Magazine - January/February 2012