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Sex for better health Got sex? After-50 sex is soooo good for you! By DR. DoRREE lyNN A photo: © Ursula Alter Share this article with your friends. 36 GRAND sk any 20-something about sex for grandparents and they will probably look a bit grossed out. Ask a 60-something about sex and they will likely give you a secret smile. That’s because we grands know the real truth that sex only gets better with age. Furthermore, sex for those of us over 50 helps keep us healthy in several ways. Naturally, the sex you have later in life is not the same sex you had earlier in life, but the benefits are just as powerful. Your brain is your largest sexual organ, so you have to start with how you define sex. Sex is more than penetration. It is about an intimate connection, and it can easily begin in the morning with “I love you.” Intercourse is merely one element of “Frequent sex at older ages can help increase our lifespan.” JAN FEB 2012

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GRAND – Jan/Feb 2012
Grand View
Safety Buzz for Grandkids: A Safer World
Catching Up with Kay Glynn
Table of Contents
Grand Central
Riding the Age Wave
Healthy Grandkids: Nutrition No-No’s
“Natural” or Not?
Citrus Wonder: MCP
Cover Story: Werner Berger
School Readiness: Imagine That!
Toys ’n Tech
Healthy Grandparents
Grandparent Rights: Guilt Trip
Sex for Better Health

GRAND Magazine - January/February 2012