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January/February 2012 contents 3 SAFETY BUZZ FOR GRANDKIDS A Safer World Starts Here “Don’t talk to strangers” is just the beginning... 6 Catching Up with Kay Glynn Champion athlete and still “America’s Fittest Grandmom” 8 GRAND CENTRAL Aging, schmaging . . . I remember grandmama . . . What IF? 24 28 SCHOOL READINESS Imagine That! School readiness begins with active play 12 Riding the Age Wave Healthy aging must be a national priority 3 16 19 36 JAN FEB 2012 GRAND 16 HEALTHY GRANDKIDS Nutrition No-No’s 6 hands-on ideas for teaching good eating habits 30 TOYS ’N TECH Tech to Play Together! Indoor fun for grands and g’kids 18 “Natural” or Not? The truth behind the product label 32 HEALTHY GRANDPARENTS Say Goodbye to Incontinence & Good Night to Sleep Apnea Are these health problems curable or even bearable? 19 Citrus Wonder: MCP Orange you glad you have the health benefits of citrus? 34 GRANDPARENT RIGHTS Guilt Trip Grandparent as bulldozer (hint: it doesn’t work) 24 ON THE COvER: Werner Berger: The Peak Performance of a Grand Man 36 Sex for Better Health Dr. Dorree’s Rx for sex 7

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of GRAND Magazine - January/February 2012

GRAND – Jan/Feb 2012
Grand View
Safety Buzz for Grandkids: A Safer World
Catching Up with Kay Glynn
Table of Contents
Grand Central
Riding the Age Wave
Healthy Grandkids: Nutrition No-No’s
“Natural” or Not?
Citrus Wonder: MCP
Cover Story: Werner Berger
School Readiness: Imagine That!
Toys ’n Tech
Healthy Grandparents
Grandparent Rights: Guilt Trip
Sex for Better Health

GRAND Magazine - January/February 2012