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grand central News & views on living well Invest in a GRANDchild’s Dream Sweepstakes Enter the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) “Invest in a GRANDchild’s Dream Sweepstakes” for a chance to win a $1,500 savings bond. As a grandparent, you recognize the importance of nurturing the dreams of your grandchildren, and NAIC would like to help you do that. Enter today and help make your GRANDchild’s future dreams come true! [Learn more] Exposé of Western medicine Dr. Brad Case’s research shows that the number-one cause of death in the U.S. is not heart disease or cancer but medical treatment. His critically acclaimed book, Thugs, Drugs and the War on Bugs, presents compelling statistics that tell a sobering story. [Read more here] Grandparents are needed more than ever, MetLife study affirms —By Richard J. Anthony, Sr. “One of the most fascinating studies I’ve ever done,” says Peter Francese, a leading demographics and consumer marketing expert, describing MetLife Mature Market Institute’s report “American Grandparents: New Insights for a New Generation of Grandparents.” “For at least the next decade,” says Francese, “American grandparents will be playing a central role in the lives of their adult children and grandchildren, unlike anything we have ever seen before....” [Read the interview here] • Download the MetLife report 8 GRAND JAN FEB 2012 Let’s get HEALTHY! Email us & let us know what’s GRAND in your life

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of GRAND Magazine - January/February 2012

GRAND – Jan/Feb 2012
Grand View
Safety Buzz for Grandkids: A Safer World
Catching Up with Kay Glynn
Table of Contents
Grand Central
Riding the Age Wave
Healthy Grandkids: Nutrition No-No’s
“Natural” or Not?
Citrus Wonder: MCP
Cover Story: Werner Berger
School Readiness: Imagine That!
Toys ’n Tech
Healthy Grandparents
Grandparent Rights: Guilt Trip
Sex for Better Health

GRAND Magazine - January/February 2012