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memories of my grandparents Her sense of humor is her legacy My grandmother died in January 2012 at the age of 98. I had the privilege of writing her obituary. As I finished it, I was struck by how little it said about her force in my life. We had an unusual bond. I came to live with my grandparents at six weeks old—a result of young, divorced parents. My grandparents were in advertising in the 1950s, and they were the life of the party. I was surrounded by beautiful, creative and fun-loving adults who were artists, musicians and entertainers. I learned to sing, dance and “play office.” When they retired to their farm, I learned that my grandmother loved raising and riding horses. She was beautiful to watch, and a little disappointed that I didn’t share this passion. Gram could butcher a live chicken—scary!—and make the most amazing pot of chicken and homemade noodles. My love of food and cooking comes from being at her elbow from the time I could stand. I can’t count the number of people she fed—often, surprise-guests my grandfather brought home. This says loads about her sense of humor! I love her artwork, share her passion for antiques and GRAND Readers: “junking” and will always love hearing her play the piano We welcome you or the ukulele . . . but her sense of humor is her legacy. to contribute your Her best friends were people who in their darkest hour reminiscences of your would share a laugh together and move on to a better grandparents (250time. A lovely legacy. 450 words). Submit —Lori Bitter Gram to GRAND by email. “Memories of My Grandparents” is sponsored by REAL Powered by HUMANA. MARCH APRIL 2012 GRAND 21

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GRAND – Mar/Apr 2012
Grand View
Safety Buzz: When in Doubt, Run!
Readers Write: Hair Balls and Shark Attacks . . .
Table of Contents
Grand Central
10 Things You Can Learn from Your Grandchildren
Blood & Money (book excerpt)
Grandparent Rights: Second Chance
Is a Prenup Right for You?
Ah, Tweet Mystery of Life
Memories of My Grandparents: Gram
Cover Story: Diane Ladd & Robert Charles Hunter
School Readiness: Wide-Eyed & Full of Wonder
Toys ’n Tech: Gadgets Galore!
Healthy Grandparents: Biopsy: Prostate Cancer
Healthy Grandkids: Smoothies
Bloom with Every Season

GRAND Magazine - March/April 2012

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