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Did you know…? photo: © Wide-eyed and full of wonder You know that look— it’s a child discovering the wonders of nature BY ReMY AGee • An ant can lift 10-20 times its own body weight. • Frogs see forward, sideways, upwards all at the same time. They never close their eyes, even when asleep. Remy Agee, a retired communications director of a large family and children government agency, writes articles on school readiness and early childhood partnerships. It’s almost spring. Soon nature will be alive again! Perfect time to recapture your own childlike sense of wonder and nurture it in your grandchildren! Inspire them to want to know more, explore more, experience more, and be “wowed” by learning through discovery and hands-on activities that abound this time of year. Pave the way for wonder-packed discoveries: Be open to spontaneous activities spurred on by a child’s curiosity. Answer questions with a trip to the library, park, zoo, “wherever,” to see things firsthand. No planning required. Appreciate the ordinary as extraordinary in the eyes of a child: The wonder of Wonderful web a grasshopper • Animal Tracks Id close-up; stars • Butterfly Garden on a crystal • Outdoor Crafts a clear night; a • Weather Wizkids brightly col• What Can a Child ored balloon. 101 Ideas My grandson exclaimed one 30 GRAND MARCH APRIL 2012 Butterfly Garden.cfm

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of GRAND Magazine - March/April 2012

GRAND – Mar/Apr 2012
Grand View
Safety Buzz: When in Doubt, Run!
Readers Write: Hair Balls and Shark Attacks . . .
Table of Contents
Grand Central
10 Things You Can Learn from Your Grandchildren
Blood & Money (book excerpt)
Grandparent Rights: Second Chance
Is a Prenup Right for You?
Ah, Tweet Mystery of Life
Memories of My Grandparents: Gram
Cover Story: Diane Ladd & Robert Charles Hunter
School Readiness: Wide-Eyed & Full of Wonder
Toys ’n Tech: Gadgets Galore!
Healthy Grandparents: Biopsy: Prostate Cancer
Healthy Grandkids: Smoothies
Bloom with Every Season

GRAND Magazine - March/April 2012

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