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Bloom with every season . . . even if the colors of your petals are different with every spring photo: © Pelletier I By dR. doRRee Lynn have always had a penchant for adventure. There was a time in the ’70s and ’80s where you could have found me along with my two adopted Indian daughters traveling across countries in Europe and outposts of Asia where other women might have feared to tread. It’s safe to say that I have sailed, hiked, trained, planed and automobiled my way across most of this great planet, yet the thought of moving from the busy city of Washington, DC, to the casual beaches of Florida nearly paralyzed me. I have, however, made progress. While building a network of professional contacts, developing a radio show, making new friends and trying new opportunities, I find myself beginning to embrace this adventure rather than fighting it. Assisting me in changing my attitude are the slow and twang-twisted stories of one of my assistants. “Life isn’t just one fabulous adventure, Dr. Lynn—it is a series of fabulous adventures!” My assistant goes on to tell me about his former boss, a motivational speaker. “I’ve never seen someone with such talent for changing it up: from motivational speaking to art auctioneer, then cruise director, real estate executive and 38 GRAND MARCH APRIL 2012

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of GRAND Magazine - March/April 2012

GRAND – Mar/Apr 2012
Grand View
Safety Buzz: When in Doubt, Run!
Readers Write: Hair Balls and Shark Attacks . . .
Table of Contents
Grand Central
10 Things You Can Learn from Your Grandchildren
Blood & Money (book excerpt)
Grandparent Rights: Second Chance
Is a Prenup Right for You?
Ah, Tweet Mystery of Life
Memories of My Grandparents: Gram
Cover Story: Diane Ladd & Robert Charles Hunter
School Readiness: Wide-Eyed & Full of Wonder
Toys ’n Tech: Gadgets Galore!
Healthy Grandparents: Biopsy: Prostate Cancer
Healthy Grandkids: Smoothies
Bloom with Every Season

GRAND Magazine - March/April 2012

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