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readers write Hair balls & shark attacks... —that’s what little girls are made of I Share this article with your friends. By HeLene THoMAS Helene Thomas is a GRAND reader who submitted her essay and won our hearts—and a gift from GRAND. 6 GRAND received a desperate phone call from my daughter Tonya, who needed a babysitter for a few days. Unsuspecting of the hilarious situation I would find myself in, I watched Tonya and my 3-yearold granddaughter, Chloe, arrive from Seattle the next morning. Chloe’s pink suitcase had suddenly become stuck on one stair leading up to the deck. Short on patience, she swung around and started to wrestle her luggage. Chuckling, I hurried and helped pull her suitcase up to the deck. Right away she spotted the toys in the living room, and the magnetic pull of playthings left only a quick hug for me as she said, “Toys for me, Grandma Honey?” Tonya gave me a few instructions after she had set up the car seat in my car. “Mom, she sleeps in a big bed ® Winner! do you have a true grandparenting story? Submit it to GRAnd today—you could win a free gift! MARCH APRIL 2012 * now, and you have to lie down with her when she goes to bed at night, okay? Once she’s asleep you can sneak out. You two are going to have so much fun, Mom.” “Huh? Four months ago when you came for the weekend she slept by herself!” “She’s going through a stage, Mom.” We walked Tonya to the car. When she opened the door, she mumbled something about Chloe likes to hold ears before she falls asleep.... Read the rest of the story now! GRAND fans: Email us YOUR grandparenting story! If we publish it in an issue, we’ll send you a complimentary gift.

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GRAND – Mar/Apr 2012
Grand View
Safety Buzz: When in Doubt, Run!
Readers Write: Hair Balls and Shark Attacks . . .
Table of Contents
Grand Central
10 Things You Can Learn from Your Grandchildren
Blood & Money (book excerpt)
Grandparent Rights: Second Chance
Is a Prenup Right for You?
Ah, Tweet Mystery of Life
Memories of My Grandparents: Gram
Cover Story: Diane Ladd & Robert Charles Hunter
School Readiness: Wide-Eyed & Full of Wonder
Toys ’n Tech: Gadgets Galore!
Healthy Grandparents: Biopsy: Prostate Cancer
Healthy Grandkids: Smoothies
Bloom with Every Season

GRAND Magazine - March/April 2012

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