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contents MARCH/APRIL 2012 3 SAFETY BUZZ When in Doubt, Run! If in danger: kick, scream and yell 6 READERS WRITE Hair Balls & Shark Attacks... A GRAND reader’s personal essay —send in yours! 8 GRAND CENTRAL 24 24 ON THE COvER: Dynamic Duo of Love and Light Step right up and win... Cellular scares...Oh, bats! 12 10 Things You Can Learn 14 Blood & Money (book excerpt) The real reasons that families fight over money from Your Grandchildren Diane Ladd & Robert Charles Hunter: Just how much gum can you fit in your mouth? 30 SCHOOL READINESS Wide-Eyed & Full of Wonder Time to wow your grandkids with nature 16 16 GRANDpARENT RIGHTS Second Chance To reconcile, say “I’m sorry” (and mean it) 32 TOYS ’N TECH Gadgets Galore! For video visits and steppin’ out 18 Is a prenup Right for You? Your children’s inheritance might otherwise be at risk 34 HEALTHY GRANDpARENTS Joining a fraternity of perplexed men 14 Biopsy: prostate Cancer 20 Ah, Tweet Mystery of Life Cyber savvy? Not so much 36 HEALTHY GRANDkIDS Smooth Move Smoothies: delish and nutrish 21 MEMORIES OF MY GRANDpARENTS Gram 38 Bloom with Every Season Dr. Dorree says it’s time for an adventure 36 7 It’s the laughter I’ll remember MARCH APRIL 2012 GRAND

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of GRAND Magazine - March/April 2012

GRAND – Mar/Apr 2012
Grand View
Safety Buzz: When in Doubt, Run!
Readers Write: Hair Balls and Shark Attacks . . .
Table of Contents
Grand Central
10 Things You Can Learn from Your Grandchildren
Blood & Money (book excerpt)
Grandparent Rights: Second Chance
Is a Prenup Right for You?
Ah, Tweet Mystery of Life
Memories of My Grandparents: Gram
Cover Story: Diane Ladd & Robert Charles Hunter
School Readiness: Wide-Eyed & Full of Wonder
Toys ’n Tech: Gadgets Galore!
Healthy Grandparents: Biopsy: Prostate Cancer
Healthy Grandkids: Smoothies
Bloom with Every Season

GRAND Magazine - March/April 2012

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