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healthy grandparents Healthy detoxification Tips for greater vitality and wellness D photo: © giniewicz By dr. ISaaC elIaZ Dr. isaac eliaz is an integrative medical doctor, licensed acupuncturist, researcher, product formulator, lecturer, and the founder and medical director of amitabha Clinic in California. 22 etoxification and internal Gentle detox supplemencleanses are ancient practices tation begins with natural that are becoming increasingredients that help clear ingly popular because they can toxins from the circulation and increase energy and mental digestive systems. I recomclarity, reduce disease risks mend starting with a mediciand invigorate our daily health nal 10-mushroom formula and routines. Who wouldn’t relish modified citrus pectin (see having more energy for activisome recommended products ties with the grandkids? Here here). are some essential recommen3. Detoxify organs and dations [this is just the start— tissues you’ll instantly see the full artiI recommend a phase-two cle by clicking later]. detox formula incorporat1. Gradual beginnings: ing nutrients and herbs (e.g., alkalize your diet selenium, MSM, milk thistle, Begin gradually by shifting cilantro, goldenrod, garlic, danto a more alkaline diet emphadelion leaf) to help eliminate sizing nutrient-rich vegetables deeply stored toxins, without that help to balance pH in the uncomfortable side effects.... body, reduce inflammation The rewards of increased and promote internal cleansvitality are priceless: greater ing (e.g., dark greens, broccoli, energy, clarity and enjoycabbage, kale, red potatoes, ment for the things in life that avocados, Brussels sprouts, matter to us most—especially sea vegetables). our grandchildren! 2. Pre-cleanse with Click here to instantly see the full gentle supplements article, including two more tips. GRAND May June 2012

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GRAND Magazine - May/June 2012
Summer Camp Safety
Grand Central
So Sexy So Soon (book excerpt)
The Dalí Museum
Brain Food
Healthy Detoxification
Why You Need Elder Law
Arthur & Carol Kornhaber
Cooking Up Fun
Terrific Toys from Toy Fair
Are You Searching for Support?
Teens & Junk Food
Looking for Love
San Luis Obispo Mission Plaza

GRAND Magazine - May/June 2012