GRAND Magazine - May/June 2012 - (Page 32)

grandparent rights photo: © David Baumber Are you searching for support? D afGGC can help you with your grandparent-grandchild visitation issues ear Susan, My friend Joy found your support group listing in the city news magazine The Newport Navigator, which is how I learned about your organization, Advocates for Grandparent-Grandchild Connection. I thought I was the only one going through this. I never realized that there were resources available and, within them, a possible solution. Well, I have to tell you, after visiting your website and reading the educational information, I must admit that I’ve done all of the “Don’ts.” A few of my repeat offenses were giving advice, usurping parents’ rules and always asking why. [See the complete list of DO’s & DON’TS here.] How could I have not realized that what I was doing was not only driving my son and his wife away but also cutting myself off from my grandkids? I was at the point where I was open to anything, including taking responsibility for my actions by admitting my mistakes and realizing that I was the one who needed to change. I purchased the organization’s self-help book and began attending the Corona del Mar support group meetings, and to say that this has changed my life is an understatement. All these resources gave me the confidence to better communicate with my son and daughterin-law. I am pleased to say that I got to see my grandkids last weekend. —New-Attitude Grandmother 32 GRAND May June 2012

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GRAND Magazine - May/June 2012
Summer Camp Safety
Grand Central
So Sexy So Soon (book excerpt)
The Dalí Museum
Brain Food
Healthy Detoxification
Why You Need Elder Law
Arthur & Carol Kornhaber
Cooking Up Fun
Terrific Toys from Toy Fair
Are You Searching for Support?
Teens & Junk Food
Looking for Love
San Luis Obispo Mission Plaza

GRAND Magazine - May/June 2012