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healthy grandkids By JanICe Wade-MIller photo: © Russ J Janice WadeMiller is a nutrition educator for all age groups in tallahassee, Florida. email: 34 unk food is now everywhere on our planet. High in calories but low in nutritional value, junk food is available in the most unlikely places: museums, cruise ships, city parks, and school hallway vending machines. It is inescapable in grocery stores and fast-food restaurants. In all children 12-18 years old, critical growth, bone building and amassing of nutrients such as calcium are taking place. Your grandchild’s body will never be as efficient at performing those functions to ensure a healthy future as it is while they are teens. Eating large amounts of junk food has far-reaching consequences. Here are just a few: • Teens have greater access to junk food and more control over how they spend money than your younger grandchildren. Teens who fill up on empty calories will have less appetite for a nutritious main meal, and it’s unlikely they are taking in all the nutrients Teens & ju necessary for growth and development. Key nutrients such as calcium from dairy and protein from meats help bones and muscles strengthen and grow. • Teens who don’t consume enough of the needed nutrients tend to feel fatigued. This can lead to poor concentration and test performance. Instead, encourage them to eat “brain foods” such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables and dairy foods that are rich in vitamin D and calcium. • Weight gain is a consequence of regularly how to encourag not to chow dow GRAND May June 2012

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GRAND Magazine - May/June 2012
Summer Camp Safety
Grand Central
So Sexy So Soon (book excerpt)
The Dalí Museum
Brain Food
Healthy Detoxification
Why You Need Elder Law
Arthur & Carol Kornhaber
Cooking Up Fun
Terrific Toys from Toy Fair
Are You Searching for Support?
Teens & Junk Food
Looking for Love
San Luis Obispo Mission Plaza

GRAND Magazine - May/June 2012