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safety buzz for grandkids Summer without the It’s the perfect time to exercise your grandkids’ minds By Brenda Zofrea on’t let summer fun mean “summer slide” for your grandkids. Summer slide is the term that refers to the learning gains that children lose when they’re not reading and involved in educational activities over the summer. So why is preventing summer slide also a good way to help keep your grandkids safe? Because the effects of summer slide are cumulative, especially when it comes to reading; children who struggle academically are at greater risk for dropping out of school. Here are some suggestions to keep the “fun” in summer and to help keep your grandchildren on track for academic success. • For toddlers to teens, libraries and bookstores offer free summer reading programs. Sign up! • Get everyone their own D • • • • • of library card— laminate it! Having their own card makes kids feel grown up Join a book club or start your own with friends and family—audiobooks count too! Take day trips, putting kids in charge of map reading and route planning Visit a zoo or museum— your grandchild can be the guide who reads the exhibit descriptions and leads your family tour Before going to a movie, have your grandchild read and share the movie reviews Create and name a new recipe, ingredient list, cooking instructions and nutrition label Here’s to making the summer 2012 fun and productive! sl ide Video: Watch Brenda’s TV segment on summer camp safety Brenda Zofrea, M.A.Ed., is the author of Let’s B Safe for children 3 and up. Visit for contact information or to purchase Let’s B Safe. 3 Share this article with your friends. JULY AUGUST 2012 GRAND photo: © Holman

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GRAND Magazine - July/August 2012
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GRAND Magazine - July/August 2012