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grandparents raising grandchildren Holiday stress-busters Finding joy when happy times bring the blues T photo: © Kai Chiang BY ElAiNE k. williAMs he holidays can be a difficult time for grandfamilies. Your grandchildren may feel especially sad, wishing their parents were with them for the holidays. The absence of the biological parent(s) can trigger feelings of rejection and/or abandonment as well. Broken promises can be even harder on kids. One or both parents may promise to visit the child over the holidays or ask what the child wants for Christmas. If they and/or the gift are no-shows, your grandchild(ren)— and perhaps you—will feel anger, disappointment, and frustration. The child may also expect you to make good on the parent’s broken promise. For example, one teen asked for a smartphone, and when the parent did not buy it for her, she wanted Grandma to provide it. This kind of “push and pull” interaction can make celebrating the holidays challenging for both grandparents and grandchildren. 28 GRAND NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2012

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GRAND Magazine - November/December 2012
Kid-Safe Shopping
A Swiss Family Tradition
Holidays + Grandchildren = Merry Mayhem
Grand Wit & Wisdom
The Rocky Balboa of Grandparenting
Kellie Pickler: Grand-Raised and Proud of It
Bill Cosby: America’s Favorite TV Dad
Holiday Stress-Busters
Holiday Gift Guide
Shut Out for the Holidays?
Holiday Fun for All Ages!
Grandma & Grandpa & Karen
Be Thankful! It’s Good for You
Grand Giggles
Kinship Care Resources

GRAND Magazine - November/December 2012