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grandparent rights FoR THe HolIdAYS? photo: © Pelletier out Shut BY susAN hOffMAN in this season of giving, send love from afar and start repairing relationships D ear Susan: Having grandkids has made the holidays even more special, but I’m worried this year won’t be special at all. My daughter and son-in-law aren’t speaking to me and, worse, aren’t allowing me access to my grandson. It began when they were having financial problems and asked me to add them to one of my creditcard family plans. They defaulted on the payments, and I had no choice but to give back the card. They were furious, my son-inlaw went nuts, and my daughter screamed at me. I’m afraid I also said some things out of anger. It has been six months since I’ve seen my grandson. They won’t answer or return my calls, and they ignore my weekly emails. I tried asking my daughter to lunch, but she declined, reasoning she needed time to work through past emotional hurts I’ve caused. I’ve done everything, including suggesting we go to counseling. I can’t get them to talk to me, and when they don’t communicate, it’s hard to make amends. I can’t even think about what it will be like not to see them during the holidays. And what about gifts? Why won’t they let me just 32 GRAND NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2012

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GRAND Magazine - November/December 2012
Kid-Safe Shopping
A Swiss Family Tradition
Holidays + Grandchildren = Merry Mayhem
Grand Wit & Wisdom
The Rocky Balboa of Grandparenting
Kellie Pickler: Grand-Raised and Proud of It
Bill Cosby: America’s Favorite TV Dad
Holiday Stress-Busters
Holiday Gift Guide
Shut Out for the Holidays?
Holiday Fun for All Ages!
Grandma & Grandpa & Karen
Be Thankful! It’s Good for You
Grand Giggles
Kinship Care Resources

GRAND Magazine - November/December 2012