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grandparenting lol You’ve Come a Long Way, Granny BY diana J. ewinG T here you are one day, innocently applying mascara at your lighted magnifying mirror, when it finally—inevitably—hits home: That woman discovered the wonders of Botox. But what’s a bit of sagging here and there, a laugh line or ten between you and your grandchildren? When looking back at you has logged a lot of decades. Yep, Baby Ethan wakes up from his nap and sees your you really have reached the grandmother time of life. smiling face, he’s not counting the crow’s feet. While Once your children have children, it’s hard to fool even yourself into thinking you’re still young, because 60 only feels like “the new 40” until you’re Photo credit: ©christY thoMPson standing you give freckle-faced Chloe her bath, she isn’t judging you for having skin that pooches more than hers. (Okay, maybe they count and judge a little, but it’s only out of curiosity.) In your grandkids’ world, you’re the poster child of grandmas because you’re their grandma. So you can 40-yearold who’s already 12 GRAND MAY JUNE 2013 ƒ Putting pin curls or rollers in your hair was a nightly ritual. ƒ Fifty cents an hour was the going rate for babysitting. (Now you gladly do it for free.) ƒ Thongs were something you wore on your feet. ƒ Audrey Hepburn was the epitome of elegance. ƒ A transistor radio was your most prized possession. ƒ You had to wait for a Sadie Hawkins dance to ask a boy out. ƒ “It’s snowing down south” was a real wardrobe malfunction. ƒ Chunky platform shoes didn’t seem like an accident waiting to happen. ƒ American Bandstand and Dr. Kildare were must-see TV. ƒ The Little Old Lady from Pasadena couldn’t possibly be you. let yourself age naturally or become a glam gram with your own extreme makeover. They don’t care. You’re simply Mimi or Nonny to them. next to an actual RememBeR wHen… Diana J. Ewing, of Laguna Niguel, California, spent 30 years in advertising and public relations before venturing into humor writing with her first book, The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Grandparenting. Excerpted from The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Grandparenting. MAY JUNE 2013 GRAND 13

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GRAND Magazine - May/June 2013
Slaying Dragons
You’ve Come a Long Way, Granny
Electrical Safety
Let’s Pretend
The Grandest Gift
Born Free’s Virginia McKenna
My Aging Brain
Judy Cockerton: Foster parent and innovator
10 Best Story Books for Babies & Toddlers
Grand Expectations
Fun Toys for Kids of All Ages
Annuities Simplified
News, Products, Tips, and Resources for Today’s Grandparents
Sure Cure for Senior-Time Blues
It’s a Wonderful Life
When a Child Is Removed from the Parents’ Home

GRAND Magazine - May/June 2013