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Electrical safety a cool way for grandkids and grandparents to learn together how to prevent electrical fires and accidents BY Michael Malone, Phd e lectricity is such an integral and invisible part of our lives that most of us don’t even think about the hazards associated with it. Here are some facts about electrical safety that might surprise you. In 2011, more than 370,000 home-structure fires were reported in the United States, and fire departments responded to a fire-related call on average every 23 seconds (National Fire Prevention Association). These fires resulted in more than 2,500 civilian fatalities and almost 14,000 civilian injuries. Adults over age 65 are at highest risk (2.6 times more likely than the general population) and children under 5 years are at second highest risk (1.5 times) of dying from a home fire. 14 GRAND MAY JUNE 2013 Some 65% of home-structure fires are attributed to three main causes: cooking equipment, heating equipment, and electrical distribution/lighting equipment. Fire is not the only hazard associated with electrical use in homes. Other hazards include shock, burns, and tripping on cords. These statistics are not meant to frighten you. Rather, they serve as a call to action. The vast majority of electrical safety incidents can be prevented by taking a few simple steps. The challenge lies in ensuring that we and our grandchildren know these steps and put them into practice. Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) has partnered with BlueNose Edutainment to develop a unique safety program designed to teach students and their families about fire and electrical hazards and how to prevent them. The program was funded by a Fire Prevention and Safety grant from FEMA, an entity of the Department of Homeland Security. The program—P.I. Plug Says “Be Smart About Fire and Electrical Safety!”—is ambitious, to say the least. Nearly every grade 3 through 5 public school teacher in the country will have access to free education materials that focus on safety practices while helping students develop critical science, reading, and writing skills. My two favorite aspects of this program? MAY JUNE 2013 GRAND 15

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GRAND Magazine - May/June 2013
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GRAND Magazine - May/June 2013