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When a child is removed from the parents’ home kinship care options for grandparents BY cathleen J. newBanks R esearch has clearly established that children within 30 days of a child being removed from the removed from their family home do better when custody of their parent(s). placed with a relative with whom they have a history and a positive relationship rather than in a The custodial options available to relatives depend on whether the child is already in foster care: foster home that is unknown to them. But becoming a child’s temporary or permanent guardian often leaves Not in foster care the caregiver with many legal, financial, and other Relatives can accept the child into their home without issues and questions. the child entering the foster care system. The relative Two of the most commonly asked questions are: can provide care as a formal legal guardian or as an 1. How will I know if my grandchild has been informal caregiver while waiting for the parent to 60 GRAND MAY JUNE 2013 Photo credit: ©derek latta removed from the parents’ home? resume care-giving. 2. If Child Protective Services (CPS) asks me to care for my grandchild, what options do I have? In foster care—custody option The Fostering Connections Act (2009) mandates Some (not all) courts and agencies will allow relatives that child-welfare workers locate and contact relatives to accept the child into their home short-term without MAY JUNE 2013 GRAND 61

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GRAND Magazine - May/June 2013
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When a Child Is Removed from the Parents’ Home

GRAND Magazine - May/June 2013