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Transforming Retirement Ken Dychtwald—the “Prophet of the Coming Age Boom”—explains why this is not your parent’s retirement and how to optimize your Third Age. W hen our grandparents retired, it usually meant they withdrew to a simpler life—watching TV, visiting with family and friends, perhaps playing some golf or doing a bit of travel, if they could afford it, but essentially marking the days until the end. Now, the term “retirement” is being redefined, as both our personal and societal expectations of what it means to be retired are changing. Due to steadily elevating life expectancies and an increasing desire for lifelong learning and continued social engagement in life’s “third age,” the 20th century model of retirement is being left behind. In its place, a new vision for how and when to retire is emerging, complete with new roles for elders, new family and friendship networks, new housing options, 12 14 GRAND july august 2013 and even a new purpose for this steadily lengthening stage of life. Rather than being a time to wind down and move to society’s sidelines, the longevity bonus years are becoming a time for personal reinvention, eldership, and vitality. Today’s retirees are asking, “Is it too late to have new dreams, go back to school, start a new and gratifying career, fall in love again, become a philanthropreneur, reinvent oneself, change the world?” In his forward-looking presentation, Transforming Retirement: New Timing, Roles, Funding, Challenges, Opportunities, and a New Purpose, Dr. Ken Dychtwald explores all sides of this issue. He also outlines the emerging five stages of retirement and the personal, social, and financial challenges of each stage. Ways We’re Making Waves in Our Third Age Click on the image, above, to watch Ken Dychtwald’s presentation Transforming Retirement at the American Society on Aging 2013 Annual Convention. Over the past 35+ years, Ken Dychtwald, PhD, has emerged as America’s foremost visionary regarding the lifestyle, marketing, healthcare, and workforce implications of the age wave. He is a psychologist, gerontologist, filmmaker, entrepreneur, bestselling author, CEO of Age Wave, and the recipient of the 2013 American Society on Aging Leadership award. July August 2013 GRAND 15

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of GRAND Magazine - July/August 2013

GRAND Magazine - July/August 2013
Transforming Retirement
The Thrill Is Gone. Not.
Falling in Lust Again
Nana-to-Be Showers
Is Baby’s Wee Bed Safe?
When Harry Meets Baby
10 Steps to a Child-Proof House
Confessions of a Slightly Controlling, Madly in Love Nana
All About Baby!
Smart Ways to Save for Your Grandchildren’s College
The Low-Down on Five Stand-Out Vehicles
Let the Games Begin!
Hot Toys for Cool Kids!
Picking Berries with Granddad
Fun in the Sun!
Picking Up Where We Left Off
A Bond So Deep

GRAND Magazine - July/August 2013