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safety buzz Ten steps to a child-proof house By Brenda Zofrea 1. 2. 3. 4. If you have drapes or blinds with cords—which can strangle a young child—install “blind winders,” which automatically retract and store cords. Prevent falls from windows with window guards. Glass furniture, including coffee tables and end tables, are not kid-friendly. Put these away until grandchildren are older. Use safety gates or locked doors to prevent tumbles down stairs and to keep children out of dangerous areas, like basements, sewing rooms, laundry rooms, and garages. Brenda Zofrea, MA ed., is the author of Let’s B Safe, for children age 3+. Visit for information and resources to help make the world safer for kids. 28 GRAND July AuGust 2013 5. Cover all electrical outlets, and tuck all electrical cords out of the paths of little feet. 6. Install latches high on exterior doors to prevent toddlers and preschoolers from leaving the house. 7. Keep hazardous materials, matches/ lighters, firearms, alcohol, cigarettes, and all medications out of children’s reach and behind locked doors and/or locked cabinets. 8. When kids climb, things (like TVs) topple. Keep toys where your grandchildren can reach them to prevent them from climbing on furniture. 9. Keep all items that pose a choking, cutting, or other injury risk (scissors, knives, needles, coins, batteries, etc.) out of the reach of young children. 10. Prevent access (fencing, locked gates, padlocks, safety covers, etc.) to pools and hot tubs as well as to any nearby ponds, lakes, rivers, or other waterways or bodies of water. Even some water fountains and water features in your landscape can pose a drowning risk for small children. Photo credIt: ©ANNekA-s o ver the highway and through the hood, to Nana’s house we go . . . Whoa, Mimi! Before those precious cargo arrive, make sure your home is a safety zone for little ones by taking these simple safety measures: Every year, far too many children are seriously injured or die from preventable accidents in or around the house. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. July AuGust 2013 GRAND 29

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GRAND Magazine - July/August 2013
Transforming Retirement
The Thrill Is Gone. Not.
Falling in Lust Again
Nana-to-Be Showers
Is Baby’s Wee Bed Safe?
When Harry Meets Baby
10 Steps to a Child-Proof House
Confessions of a Slightly Controlling, Madly in Love Nana
All About Baby!
Smart Ways to Save for Your Grandchildren’s College
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Let the Games Begin!
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Fun in the Sun!
Picking Up Where We Left Off
A Bond So Deep

GRAND Magazine - July/August 2013