GRAND Magazine - July/August 2013 - (Page 48-49)

toys ’n tech Hot toys for cool kids! It’s summertime, and the weather is peachy (well, most days). Here are three new toys for grandkids to enjoy outdoors and one new indoor toy for rainy-day fun. Enjoy your summer, and keep playing! Thrills on wheels! The new Trikke E2 from Razor is great for kids who have outgrown kick scooters. With this three-wheel electric scooter, your grand can “carve” back and forth, as if skiing. But the real fun comes when he or she twists the throttle on the handlebar and the twin 12-volt batteries kick in, scooting up to 9 mph and 40 minutes of riding time between recharges. Full Review, with demo video / Ages 8+ / $249 / Buy Razor Trikke E2 Aero dynamo! What happens when you combine a kite, stunt glider, and boomerang, and then attach a tether for kids to whip it into the air? You get the super-fun SkyTrix from Daydream Toy. No batteries, nothing to recharge. Just fling the winged wonder into the air, watch it soar and do flips, and try to catch it as it glides back. Full Review, with demo video / Ages 8+ / $15.99 / Buy SkyTrix 48 GRAND July AuGust 2013 Remote-controlled sillyheads! For indoor entertainment that is sure to bring big smiles to little faces, there’s nothing quite like Botti-Botstm from Blip Toys—remote-controlled, otherworldly, plush creatures that move, spin, make sounds, and light up. With their animated antics, bright colors, and wacky personalities, Botti-Bots are adorably silly and loads of fun. Full Review, with demo video / Ages 4+ / $39.95 / Buy Botti-Bots RC Rockin rocket! If your grandkids like rockets, they’ll love Sky Ripperz from Zing Toys. It’s fun and safe! Simply attach the foam rocket to the launch hook, pull back on the bungee cord, and let ’er rip! Watch it shoot 250 feet into the air—and come screaming down (thanks to a built-in whistle). Full Review, with demo video / Ages 8+ / $14.99 / Buy Sky Ripperz dan Nessel is director of Product reviews at Join daddoes, to receive real-world, brutally honest product reviews geared toward parents and grandparents. July AuGust 2013 GRAND 49

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GRAND Magazine - July/August 2013
Transforming Retirement
The Thrill Is Gone. Not.
Falling in Lust Again
Nana-to-Be Showers
Is Baby’s Wee Bed Safe?
When Harry Meets Baby
10 Steps to a Child-Proof House
Confessions of a Slightly Controlling, Madly in Love Nana
All About Baby!
Smart Ways to Save for Your Grandchildren’s College
The Low-Down on Five Stand-Out Vehicles
Let the Games Begin!
Hot Toys for Cool Kids!
Picking Berries with Granddad
Fun in the Sun!
Picking Up Where We Left Off
A Bond So Deep

GRAND Magazine - July/August 2013