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school readiness Let the learning games begin! by remy AGee Geocaching This new twist on treasure hunting is one of the world’s fastest-growing outdoor activities, with over 6 million geocachers around the globe. “Geo” refers to geography; “caching” refers to locating a hidden container holding a treasure. “Geocachers” locate a cache using their own GPS or GPS-enabled mobile device and GPS remy Agee, a retired communications director of a large family and children government agency, writes articles on school readiness and early childhood partnerships. 40 GRAND september october 2013 coordinates from the Geocaching site. Caches vary from a logbook, to collectible coins, to special promotional “Trackables,” such as Dinosaur Train caches (from PBS). You can get everything you need free at Annual memberships and mobile apps enhance the experience at additional cost but aren’t necessary to enjoy geocaching. pHoto creDIt: ©moNkeybUsINessImAGes t wo figures you should know: 70% and 99%. Why? Because school-age grandchildren spend 70% of their waking hours outside of school, and 99% of school principals think grandparents are important to a child’s success in school. Leave formal lessons to school or home-school teachers. Instead, engage your grandkid(s) in play activities that teach or reinforce basics—reading, writing, math, science, history—or that develop or improve life skills such as problem-solving, working cooperatively, and following directions. Here are two fun learning activities, one outdoor and one indoor, to consider. Create Your Own Board Game Making a board game is fun and easy as 1-2-3: 1. Choose a topic that your grandchild wants or needs to learn about—ABCs, counting, dinosaurs, friendship, manners, opposites, sea creatures, solar system, etc. 2. Design the game (on paper) and decide the rules together. 3. Find a free board-game template online and craft your game. With some board-game templates, you can use a program like Microsoft Word to insert your own digital images and words before printing the board (and cards, if applicable). With other templates, you print a blank game board/cards and then draw/write or cutand-paste images/words onto the board. For a sturdier game, print the board on cardstock and cover with clear contact paper, or have printed and laminated at a store like FedEx Office. click image to watch What Is Geocaching? For game pieces, you can either borrow from games you have, buy them online, or make them with PlayDoh, ShrinkyDinks, or other crafting materials. Here are a few sites offering free board-game templates for kids: ƒ ƒ Love to Know Board Games ƒ MES-English ƒ Ready-Made Board Games It’s amazing how much kids learn from fun and ageappropriate applied-learning activities. All the better when grandparents are their guides and playmates. click here for Remy’s expanded article with even more fun learning activities. september october 2013 GRAND 41

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GRAND Magazine - September/October 2013
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GRAND Magazine - September/October 2013