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Falling into the Grandma Zone by cAroL orsborN Carol Osborn, phD, is a boomer marketing expert and the author of 25 books, including her most recent, a memoir, Fierce with Age: Chasing God and Squirrels in Brooklyn. 44 GRAND september october 2013 pHoto creDIt: ©oLesIAbILkeI m y friend Joanne was on the phone, sounding upset with me. “You’re moving to Nashville? What about our plans to celebrate our birthdays together?” Immediately, I understood the nature of my transgression, although I was helpless to do anything about it: I’d fallen into the Grandma Zone. The Grandma Zone is deep, warm, and fuzzy. And it has a name. It’s “Grammy,” or “Bubby,” or “Nana,” or “Lovey,” as in when my 3-year-old grandson, Mason, put his arms around my neck over Thanksgiving and called me his Lovey. I was a goner. That is why a few days later, upon returning to Los Angeles, I convinced my husband to put our cottage up for rent in order to move next door to the kids. Without another thought, I announced our plans on Facebook, which is how Joanne got the news. I should have known better. After all, I had been on the other end of the stick multiple times. For instance, when my cousin Sarah’s daughter Betsy gave birth to Dotsy, we were all giddy with delight. Sarah lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, whereas Betsy lived in Los Angeles. For 10 years, every time Sarah came to visit Betsy, she and I would grab some private time together for a long walk in Franklin Canyon or a trip to the spa for a massage. When Betsy brought Dotsy home from the hospital, we were all there, cooing, oohing, and ahhing. Naturally, I expected this to be part of our new routine: Sarah and I would visit the baby, then off to the spa the two of us would go. A month later there came tell-tale evidence that this was not to be. There, in the full spectrum of Instagram colors, was a photo of Sarah holding Dotsy in Betsy’s living room. A trip to within spa-visiting distance had come and gone, and I hadn’t even been informed. I realized then that Sarah had fallen into the Grandmother Zone, her love for the offspring of her offspring so blinding it eclipsed our cherished routine. Then Mason came into my life, and into the Grandmother Zone I fell. My friend Joanne, being a grandmother herself, has probably already forgiven me for not letting her know that our birthday plans had to be put on hold. Both she and Sarah would probably tell me they’re happy for me. But it may be a while before they get the chance. For I’m heading to the airport. And the Grandma Zone looks warm and fuzzy, indeed. Enter our drawing to win a copy of Fierce with Age. september october 2013 GRAND 45

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GRAND Magazine - September/October 2013
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GRAND Magazine - September/October 2013