GRAND Magazine - September/October 2013 - (Page Intro-Cover1)

GRAND September/OctOber 2013 The DigiTal Magazine for granDparenTs anD Their faMilies Do You Know What Your legacy Will Be? Profound: heartfelt, sincere, intense, significant, far-reaching, powerful, momentous What profound changes happened in your life when you became a grandparent? Share your story and win prizes! GRAND and The Grandparent Gift Co. are seeking inspiring stories about the profound impact that becoming a grandparent has on your life. What profound changes occurred in your life when you became a grandparent? One GRAND Prize and three Runners-Up will be awarded. Your story may appear in the magazine or on Click here for contest guidelines and to enter now! Happy Grandparents Day—Sunday, September 8th Grandparent don Miguel Ruizthe Sacred Honoring protecting g-Kids from Too Much screen Time anne forD: Champion for lD Children Don’t Let Agreement to Grandchildren Eldercare Ruin Your Marriage grandparent rights: Does Bribery Work? / grands raising grandkids: hidden Treasures

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of GRAND Magazine - September/October 2013

GRAND Magazine - September/October 2013
Congratulations 2013 GRANDparent of the Year Honorees!
Hooray for Grandparents, Ingenuity, and ICE!
GRAND Magazine Best of the Web Awards
Rockin’ the World
Leaving a Legacy
Don Miguel Ruiz: Our Sacred Agreement to Grandchildren
Keepsakes from the Heart
Do Kids Under 5 Get Too Much Screen Time?
Let the Learning Games Begin!
Falling into the Grandma Zone
A Special Grandmother
Ducky Butt, Not Tucky Butt!
GRAND Sponsor: ClearSounds Communications
Terrific Tech Gadgets for the Whole Family
The ABCs of Grandparenting: Who’s Teaching Whom?
Can Bribery Warm a Cold Shoulder?
Keep Your Marriage from Becoming a Casualty of Caregiving
Hidden Treasures

GRAND Magazine - September/October 2013