GRAND Magazine - November/December 2013 - (Page 6-7)

12 GRAND CENTRAL Photo credit: ©Carrie Nelson Big Hearts, Big Hopes, Big Families Must-have news, products, and resources for today's grandparents 14 GRAND MEMORIES & MOMENTS To Nana, With Love How one frustrated gram taught her grandkids the fine art of gracious gifting 18 GRANDPARENTING 101 24 ON THE COVER A Boomer Holiday Ditty Pat & Shirley Boone Rockin' Those Good Old Tennessee Traditions An unwavering focus on faith and family light up the lives of the legendary pop star and his sweetheart of 60+ years COVER PHOTO: Courtesy of Pat and Shirley Boone November december 2013 22 GRAND PAWS The Gift of Giving Back Helping grandchildren learn the true meaning of the season of giving 32 FROM OUR READERS On the 12 Days of Christmas ... This clever grandmom keeps the party going with grandkids near and far 34 LOVE & MARRIAGE 52 52 GRANDPARENT HEALTH The Comfort and Joy of Intimacy Eat, Drink, and Be Merrily Healthy How to keep the home fires burning during the hectic holiday season 36 MONEY MATTERS Preparing for the Unexpected The "smart woman's guide" to protecting your post-retirement future 40 Holiday Shopping A few GRAND Gift Ideas for You & Yours Something wonderful (and affordable) for everyone 44 TOYS 'N TECH High-Tech Gifts to Make the Holidays Bright Tips for gaining less-without giving up your favorite holiday fare 56 GRANDPARENT RIGHTS Home Alone for the Holidays Making the best of it when your family's plans don't include you 58 MULTIGENERATIONAL LIVING Who Pays for What? Four Generations, One Roof blogger Jessica Bruno tells it like it is 60 GRAND Favorite Videos A grandmother's musical tribute to her favorite holiday gift: her new grandson Three awesome new toys, plus one nifty new gadget 46 Top 10 Children's Storybooks of 2013 The smart and fun way to give your grandkids a leg up at school Audio: "Winter Wonderland," Christmas Is a Comin', Pat Boone, 1966 Click here for the GRAND Magazine Masthead November december 2013 GRAND * 6 GRAND Humorist Diana Ewing's poetic ode to "groovy grands" 34 Photo Credit: ©MONKEY BUSINESS IMAGES 22 Photo Credit: ©BLEND IMAGES 24 Photo credit: ©BRIAN McENTIRE contents 7

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GRAND Magazine - November/December 2013