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2 2 TRAVEL Road Scholar Learning adventures for grandparents & grandchildren 12 GRAND CENTRAL Safer air travel for tykes, Boomer wanderlust, Trending: elder & end-of-life care, Spoiling new grands News + Products + Resources for Today's Grandparents 16 GRANDPARENTING LOL 26 ON THE COVER Little Anthony The happiest grandfather alive COVER PHOTO: © J.D. MCGLASSON COVER MUSIC: "TEARS ON MY PILLOW" | LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS. LYRICS & MUSIC BY SYLVESTER BRADFORD & AL LEWIS. Look Who's Moving to Grandparentland Uh-oh! Here comes the last reinvention of the last wave of baby boomers 20 NEW GRANDPARENTS Love the Babe, but Lend a Hand Every new nana wants to help the new parents. But does your idea of "help" align with theirs? 22 GRAND MEMORIES & MOMENTS I Want Grandma! CLICK HERE FOR THE GRAND MAGAZINE MASTHEAD MAY JUNE 2014 * 6 GRAND A bedtime story about a first-ever overnight babysitting gig that made this Papa cry all the way home 40 20 PHOTO: © FROSTIE | BIGSTOCK PHOTO: © MONKEY BUSINESS IMAGES | BIGSTOCK 26 PHOTO: © CARL STUDNA FOR ROAD SCHOLAR contents PHOTO: © J.D. MCGLASSON STUDIO CREATIONS OF AMERICA 32 LOVE & MARRIAGE Respond to Emotions, Not Words How to address thorny issues without hurt feelings and conflict 36 FEATURE STORY Hospice Volunteers Helping patients and families have the best end-of-life experience possible 38 BOOK REVIEWS Must-Read Books on End-of-Life Comprehensive, compassionate planning guides for a loved one's (or your) last days and final goodbye 40 ASK DR. GRAMMA KAREN End-of-Life Dilemma: Telling the Kids What to do when you or your spouse is dying and you disagree on whether or when to tell the kids 44 CAREGIVING Walk-In Bathtubs Are they right for you? An RN specializing in eldercare weighs in 46 GRAND PAWS The Loss of a Furry Friend Tips for helping your grandchildren through the grieving process 50 TRAVEL Off the Beaten Path in Italy Historic walking tours of Italia's small towns 54 MULTIGENERATIONAL TRAVEL The Smart Nana's Guide to Disney World Tips for making your visit magical 56 TOYS 'N TECH Grand Fun at Great Prices Four fantastic new toys for under $35 58 GRANDPARENT RIGHTS Fed Up! What to do when you've had enough of being on-call to babysit but forbidden to take your grandkids anywhere 62 GRANDPARENTS RAISING GRANDCHILDREN Family Traditions A great way to help build your grandchild's sense of self and belonging MAY JUNE 2014 GRAND 7

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GRAND Magazine - May/June 2014