GRAND Magazine - July/August 2014 - (Page 6-7)

contents 46 28 16 2 Road scholar Fantastic learning adventures for grandparents and grandchildren 8 EXTRAORDINARY GRANDS PHOTO CREDIT: ┬ęDEREK SMITH International inspirational grandfather, Ramesh Agrawal His work as a whistleblower and organizer earned him the Goldman Environmental Prize, aka the Green Nobel 12 GRAND CENTRAL News + Products + Resources for Today's Grandparents Mindramp, brain hq, remember the automat?, daydreamer giveaway, great old broads 28 ON THE COVER 16 RECIPES Jack Canfield On the legacy he is creating for his grandson COVER PHOTO: ┬ęTIM PEARSON 3 heart-healthy summer recipes Watermelon can help you be the sweet treat grandma 20 CRAFTS 3 easy & fun crafts to do with the grandkids This mom and grand mom show you how 24 GRANDCHILD HEALTH How to protect your grandbaby from summer skin damage CLICK HERE FOR THE GRAND MAGAZINE MASTHEAD JULY AUGUST 2014 * 6 GRAND 20 TRAVEL That first summer sunburn can have lifelong consequences 26 FEATURE Ocean conservation tips from Dr. Sylvia Earle A grandmother advocates for our oceans and actions we can take to protect mother earth 34 ASK DR. GRAMMA KAREN How to set ground rules Grandparents don't need to suffer in silence 38 GRANDCHILD SAFETY 5 things grandparents need to know about online grandkids Must know information to help protect your grandkids while they're online 40 NEW GRANDPARENTS Products to avoid buying for your grandkids How to be an informed grandparent and keep your grandbaby safe 42 GRAND PAWS Chill out! Keeping your pets safe from summer heat; What to do if you see a dog or cat left in a parked car on a hot day 44 TOYS N' TECH 4 great toys that will entertain both you and the grandkids all summer long Dan Nessel ( makes it easy for us grands to pick the right toys 46 LOVE & MARRIAGE Thorns or roses? Your choice How to rewire your attitude to create a truly happy marriage 52 GRAND Memories & Moments Hiiiii ya! Living when surrounded by raucous Ninjas 56 GRANDPARENT RIGHTS When parents feel & act entitled "I'm always in hot water with my daughter-in-law." 62 GRAND FINALE A story of music and memory Award-winning documentary about people revitalized by music JULY AUGUST 2014 GRAND 7

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GRAND Magazine - July/August 2014