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contents rubric 7 14 28 5 GRANDPARENT NAMES A grand by any other name Naming Grandparents-and grandchildren 6 GRAND BOOKS The 60 second grandparent Secrets to being a better grandparent PHOTOCREDIT: CHRIS FARINA 7 GRANDPARENT HEALTH You can meditate your way to happiness A great new app to foster peace 8 GRANDPARENT HEALTH Eat your way to longevity Turn back the clock: A crash course in youthful eating ON THE COVER Dr. Ben Carson World-famous neurosurgeon, and grandfather, considers a presidential run 9 GRANDPARENT HEALTH A stroke of luck This grandmother beat the odds and so you can you! 10 GRAND TRAVEL Travel & Learn with Road Scholar 11 RECIPES Soup swap to a lighter you CLICK HERE FOR THE GRAND MAGAZINE MASTHEAD 4 GRAND JANUARY FEBRUARY 2015 3 perfect winter soups to swap with friends 12 GRANDPARENT HEALTH Spark new brain cells! Learn to speak French! Or Italian! This super easy website makes it fun 13 GRANDPARENT HEALTH Five heart health myths 19 GRAND PAWS Eating humanely in the New Year Resources for eggs, meat & dairy 20 GRAND FAMILIES Caring for the caregiver Why you should put yourself first 21 GRAND TRAVEL Hello Jamaica! 22 TOYS N' TECH Flying cars, battling cars, colorful robots, and a cute cube! Toys they'll love 23 ASK DR. GRAMMA KAREN What can preschoolers teach us? 24 FAMILY LEGACY How to make a significant difference 31 25 EXTRAORDINARY GRANDS The queen of longevity: still rocking at 93 27 LOVE & MARRIAGE Where do step-grandparents fit on the family tree? Making an outsider welcome 28 GRANDFATHER KNOWS BEST Praise can make your grandchildren lazy Are you stunting your grandkids' growth? 31 GRANDCHILD HEALTH Why you should be prepping your preteen for sex They're talking about sex & you should too 33 GRANDPARENT FINANCES Retirement plans still muddled? 10 must-have conversations 34 GRAND FINALE Kindness leads to health, happiness, and youth Grandmother of the year: 2014 *

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GRAND Magazine - January/February 2015