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rubric contents 12 21 17 5 8 GRAND CENTRAL 23 GRAND BOOKS 32 GRAND FAMILIES cool apps and music to buy 24 GRANDPARENT HEALTH 33 GRANDFATHER KNOWS BEST Sunscreens to avoid, weed to smoke, CALL ME GRANDMAMAN Mermaids & air-conditioning 15 GRAND IDEAS Teach your grandkids to live mindfully 17 GRANDPARENT HEALTH Why meditation is great for your brain ON THE COVER From comedian to guru, Goldie Hawn is working hard to make kids happy COVER PHOTO CREDIT: Donna Svennevik, American Broadcasting Company Inc. 19 GRAND RELATIONSHIPS Tips for avoiding gift shops 20 TOYS 'N' TECH The coolest gadgets for summer 21 ASK DR. GRAMMA KAREN What not to say to grandkids 22 GRAND GENEROSITY Teenager's nonprofit donates CLICK HERE FOR THE GRAND MAGAZINE MASTHEAD * 4 GRAND JULY AUGUST 2015 25 1.5 million books Summer reads you'll love How one grandmom's retirement has gone to the dogs 25 NAUGHTY NANA ROSE Dueling grandmas duke it out 27 LOVE & MARRIAGE How to tell when you're being dismissive 28 GRANDPARENT HEALTH Eighty-four and going strong & how you can too 29 GRAND PAWS Safety tips for hitting the road with kids and pets 31 MEMORIES & MOMENTS How a 1937 Chevy became one boy's playground Financial resources for grandfamilies "Don't go to your room!" 34 GRANDCHILD HEALTH Top 5 tips for keeping baby safe 35 GRAND LEGACY An intergenerational orchestra! 36 GRAND TECH G-kids addicted to tech? 38 GRAND FINALE Anticipate pleasures

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GRAND Magazine - July/August 2015