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contents 16 11 5 8 GRAND CENTRAL Tina Sloan, Pope Francis, the Golden Girls Network, hot apps & videos, and how to keep your brain supple TOYS 'N' TECH The hottest tech toys: robots, skateboards & chocolate pens 9 GRANDFATHER KNOWS BEST On savoring spontaneous moments When an ordinary day creates a lasting memory ON THE COVER President Jimmy Carter Eradicating disease, championing women's rights, and inspiring us all to be better stewards of our grandchildren's future 22 GRAND PAWS For the love of Harley Avoid puppy mills when gifting a pet for the holidays 23 INVISIBLE GRANDS Alone for the holidays? 10 ways to make them great 24 LONG DISTANCE GRANDS Paula Munier takes a humorous look at shipping packages to G-kids GRAND LEGACY 16 GRANDPARTNERS FOR GRANDPARENTS 26 Maestro Classics for G-kids: On creating a green legacy 17 GRAND BOOKS Jugging Life, Work, and Caregiving 19 GRAND RELATIONSHIPS Susan Adcox on why she wishes you an imperfect holiday 20 GRAND RECIPES Henny Penny Farmette's Honey Walnut Apple Cake 21 ASK DR. GRAMMA KAREN Gift Giving: Why you might want to gift your grandchild a "gap year" * CLICK HERE FOR THE GRAND MAGAZINE MASTHEAD 35 Bonnie Ward Simon on gifting the love of music 27 LOVE & MARRIAGE Gift yourself "me time" Saving your sanity, one break at a time 28 GRANDPARENT HEALTH Managing grief during the holidays 29 MEMORIES & MOMENTS DJ Mallmann on what he learned fishing with his G-pa 37 31 GRAND FINANCES The Plastic Effect Why you need to be credit savvy in the New Year 32 GRAND FAMILIES How to celebrate the holidays without spending a fortune 33 MEMORIES & MOMENTS Ed Cohen on the everyday pleasures of being a GRAND 34 GRAND IDEAS Wynne Crombie's magical animals How one G-Mom stays connected with faraway G-kids 35 GRAND TRAVEL Why NYC makes a GRAND Trip, any time of year 37 GRAND FINALE Green gifts, a poem, and heartfelt felicitations!

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GRAND Magazine - November/December 2015