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contents 11 14 5 GRAND CENTRAL Tips for Book Lovers, Weird Baby Names, Food Trackers & more! 7 ASK DR. GRAMMA KAREN What's on Your "I'm Too Old For This" List? The Lighter Side of Aging 8 GRANDFATHER KNOWS BEST Ed Cohen on What He Learned the First Time He Held His Grandson 14 WELCOME TO THE WORLD What New Grandparents Need to Know ON THE COVER Introducing My GRANDbaby! A Special Section for first time GRANDs: What You Need to Know to Welcome Your First Grandchild 17 GRAND HUMOR Anne Bardsley on the Dinosaurs Under her Sofa 19 GRAND RELATIONSHIPS Age Well, Live Well 3 Ways to Be a Happy GRAND 21 GRAND HEALTH 8 Simple Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure 22 GRAND HEALTH Get Your Best Sleep Ever! An Expert Tell You How * CLICK HERE FOR THE GRAND MAGAZINE MASTHEAD 22 23 GRAND HEALTH 4 Ways your SmartPhone Can Save Your Life & Your Peace of Mind 24 GRAND HEALTH Mindful Meditation Apps To Help You Chillax in the New Year 25 GRAND HEALTH Fire Up Your Energy Chakras & Get Your Life in Gear 26 INVISIBLE GRANDS Healing Fractured Relationships 27 LOVE & MARRIAGE Use It or Lose It: How to Stay Connected 28 GRANDCHILD HEALTH Why You Shouldn't Give Your G-Kids OxyContin 29 GRAND FAMILIES Resources for Unmet Health Needs 26 30 MEMORIES & MOMENTS Cheryl Bigelow on the Delightful Challenges of Raising a Grandson 31 GRAND TRAVEL Pat Burns Takes Us to an Intergenerational Resort 33 GRAND TRAVEL The Many Pleasures of Dubai 36 GRAND FINANCES Overcoming Entitlement: Tips for Raising Financially Responsible G-Kids 37 TOYS 'N' TECH Hottest Tech Toys for GRANDS and their G-kids 38 GRAND BOOKS The Power of Forgiveness: Forgiving as Compassion 39 GRAND FINALE Are TV Shopping Channels Sucking You In?

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GRAND Magazine - January/February 2016