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served as a wakeup call to Australia, which is now racing to
further decarbonize and expand its clean energy portfolio.
What began as a defensive maneuver for Australian energy
producers and suppliers has turned into a strategic offensive.
The country's natural gas pipeline owners are looking
to future-proof their A$75 B of assets by conducting tests to
blend H2
Some Australian states are pushing for a 10% H2
with natural gas and produce " greener " methane.
blend in
gas pipelines by 2030, which can be safely accommodated
without modification to infrastructure or appliances.
Blending H2
scale-up of H2
into the natural gas network will allow for a
production, requiring the initial installation
of smaller (1 GW-capacity) electrolyzers before more H2
needed. As the H2 network expands, so will the need for
larger, more expensive electrolyzers for green H2
tion. Residential trials with a 5% H2
are already underway
in Adelaide at the A$11.4-MM Hydrogen Park South
Australia (HyP SA) demonstration project.
Furthermore, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency,
together with the Australian government, is providing
A$1.28 MM in funding for the establishment of the Australian
Hydrogen Center. The project will study blending H2
existing natural gas pipelines in South Australia and Victoria.
projects. The Western Australia government has
recently accelerated its " Renewable Hydrogen Strategy "
by a decade (from 2040 to 2030) and will invest A$22 MM
toward the development of the state's H2
industry. Among
major H2 initiatives under development, a A$51-B project to
mass-produce H2 from wind and solar power is underway.
The Asian Renewable Energy Hub aims to meet Australia's
2030 H2
price point of A$2/kg ($1.50/kg); production costs
for green H2 are around A$3/kg-A$3/kg, at the time of this
publication. The project will produce 1.75 MMtpy of H2
26 GW of renewable power for conversion into ammonia
for domestic and international markets. Construction is
expected to start in 2026, with first shipments anticipated
in 2028. To complement the Asian Renewable Energy Hub,
the Western Green Energy Hub project includes the construction
of a 50,000-MW wind and solar farm to produce
. The produced H2
will be converted into approximately
20 MMtpy of green ammonia.
Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners
is developing a
massive wind and solar energy park that will fuel green
ammonia production in the state, as well. The project, in
Geraldton, includes the construction of a 5,200-MW wind
and solar facility that will power a 3,000-MW electrolyzer.
Once completed, the produced H2
will be converted into
green ammonia for export.
Also in Western Australia, the Arrowsmith H2
proposed green H2
project is a
production plant near Dongara, 320 km
north of Perth. The A$300-MM project, led by Infinite Blue
Energy, is expected to start up in mid- to late-2022 and
produce 25 metric tpd of green H2
from water, wind and
solar energies. Just south of Perth, Woodside Petroleum
plans to build a large-scale H2
will produce 1,500 tpd of H2
ed as ammonia or liquid H2
. The H2
production facility. H2Perth
for export-it will be exportproduced
can also be
used to decarbonize the state's transportation sector and/
or as power for electricity generation. Construction on the
H2Perth project is scheduled to begin in 2024.
The Hazer Group will build a 100-metric-tpy facility to
convert biogas from sewage treatment into fuel cell-grade
. The project commenced in March 2020 and is planned
to run through the middle of the decade. Also, Hydrogen
Renewables Australia Ltd. is proposing a large-scale (up to
5,000 MW) combined wind and solar farm in Murchison to
produce low-cost green H2
for export to Asia.
Furthermore, Australian utility ATCO is working with
mining firm Fortescue to deploy a pilot H2
vehicle refueling
infrastructure in Western Australia. Under the agreement,
ATCO and Fortescue will construct and operate the refueling
facility at ATCO's existing facility in Jandakot.
Raven SR is planning to build a waste-to-H2
facility in
Western Australia. The plant will use the company's proprietary
non-combustion steam/CO2
technology to produce
and synthetic fuels.
In the Northern Territory, the Federal Labor party leader,
Anthony Albanese, has promised to significantly expand
EV charging stations. At the time of this publication, the
state contained only 32 EV charging stations. Albanese
announced a program to invest $500 MM to increase the
state's EV charging stations to at least 400 by 2026. This
investment plan also includes construction for H2
fuels refueling infrastructure.
and bioBloom
The state will also be the site of the nearly $11-B Desert
project. The project, being developed by Aqua
Aerem, will suck water out of the air and use solar power
to produce green H2
modular units to produce 410,000 tpy of green H2
. Aqua Aerem plans to use up to 4,000
The South Australian government has invested more
than A$17 MM in grants and A$25 MM in loans for four
green H2
construct a A$600-MM renewable H2
projects. These projects include Neoen's plans to
production facility to
support its solar and wind generation facilities at the Crystal
Brook Energy Park in South Australia. The proposed 50-MW
super-hub would be the largest co-located wind, solar,
battery and H2 production facility in the world, producing
about 7,000 metric tpy of H2
Another project is The Hydrogen Utility's Eyre Peninsula
Gateway Project, which will develop a facility integrating
more than 75 MW in water electrolysis to produce renewable
With a total production capacity of up to 40,000 tpy of
green ammonia, the facility will supply the domestic market
and support trial export shipments of green H2
and green
ammonia to Japan and other North Asian countries.
NeuRizer has awarded a licensing contract to KBR for its
1,600-tpd carbon-neutral fertilizer project in Leigh Creek.
The project will be a fully integrated urea production facility.
In Port Anthony, Port Anthony Renewables Ltd. is building
a biomass-to-H2
project. The facility will use Babcock & Wilcox's
ClimateBright suite of decarbonization technologies.
The Victorian Government has introduced the Victoria
Hydrogen Investment Program, which has invested A$2 MM
to boost the development of clean H2
technologies in Victoria-specifically,
Deakin's project for the creation of an H2
supply chain project in Warrnambool.
Elsewhere in Victoria, a consortium of Japan's Kawasaki
Heavy Industries, J-Power, Iwatani, Marubeni, Sumitomo
and Australian utility AGL announced the commencement
of operations at both Victorian sites of its integrated supply
chain. The A$500-MM Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain project
is developing a complete H2
supply chain by producing H2
the gasification of Latrobe Valley lignite coal, transporting it
to the Port of Hastings for liquefaction, and then shipping
it to Japan. H2
production commenced in February 2021. At
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and renewable ammonia on the Eyre Peninsula.

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