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commercial scale, the project could produce 225,000 tpy of
low-carbon blue H2
, according to the partners.
Hyzon has also announced plans to build a green H2 fueling
depot for towing trucks. The station will be completed
in 2023, and the company hopes to expand these types of
refueling depots in other areas of the country. Clara Energy
is partnering with Hydrogen Fuels Australia to build a
$600-MM green H2
Bulwer Island, Queensland site. The electrolyzer will have
capacity to produce up to 2,400 kg/mos of renewable H2
The country has announced plans to be carbon neutral
power FCEVs and supply BOC's industrial customers. Since
the closure of the bp refinery at Bulwer Island, BOC has
transported H2
from its Altona facility in Melbourne, Victoria
to Bulwer Island in high-pressure tube trailers, resulting
in 90,000 kg of CO2
distribution network along the Hume
Highway-the highway runs from Melbourne to Sydney.
This highway will also see several companies build new H2
refueling stations, which are focused on decarbonizing the
long-haul, heavy transport sector.
The state will also be the location of the Gippsland South
East Australia CCS project. The goal of the project is to use
existing infrastructure to store CO2
in the depleted Bream
field off the coast of Gippsland. The project intends to
capture 2 MMtpy of CO2
. At the time of this publication, the
project was in the feasibility stage, with operations scheduled
to begin in the mid-2020s.
In Queensland, the Australian Hydrogen Council has
provided $275 MM to set up two additional H2
hubs: Gladstone
and Townsville. These two cities join five others
that will aid in the nation's H2
production plan. The $3.5-B
H2-Hub Gladstone project includes the construction of
3 GW of electrolyzer capacity to produce 5,000 tpd of
green ammonia. FID is scheduled to be taken in 2023, with
operations commencing in 2025. The plant can be expanded,
if needed. The green ammonia will be sold to Orica, a
mining explosives manufacturer.
Origin Energy is working with Japan's Kawasaki Heavy
Industries on a green liquid H2
export project in Townsville.
Furthermore, APA Group is building a power-to-gas
demonstration plant at its Wallumbilla gas hub near Roma
to create methane using solar-generated electricity, water
and CO2
produce approximately 620 kg/yr of H2
74 GJ of methane, which can be injected into APA Group's
natural gas pipelines across the East Coast Gas Grid.
BOC Ltd., together with partners ITM Power, Queensland
University of Technology and Hyundai Motor Co. Australia,
are installing a 220-kW electrolyzer and a 100-kW solar
array to produce renewable H2
through electrolysis at BOC's
to demonstrate ultra-high-pressure refueling of H2
powered by renewable H2
Eco Energy World plans to produce green H2
produced at Bulwer Island.
using power
from a planned, 300-MW solar farm in Raglan near the Port
of Gladstone, Queensland. The plant will produce 33,000
tpy of green H2
and represent one of the world's largest
green H2 and solar photovoltaic developments. Construction
of the $500-MM project is expected to start in 3Q 2022.
The New South Wales government has offered A$15 MM
in grants for regional community energy, including New
South Wales' first H2
energy storage system at Manilla.
renewable H2
In Tasmania, Woodside plans to develop a large-scale
and ammonia complex in the Bell Bay area.
Phase 1 of the H2TAS project envisions a 300-MW electrolyzer
to produce 200,000 tpy of green ammonia. The
complex has the ability to scaleup electrolyzer capacity to
1.7 GW, if necessary.
Several additional H2
projects in the state.
emissions. BOC sees the opportunity
by 2060, with government sponsorships in low-carbon H2
research and development. China plans to focus heavily
on developing H2
construction of H2
policy and infrastructure, including the
refueling stations. For example, two H2
refueling stations have been opened in Shanghai since 2019,
and the government has declared a target of 1,000 stations
by 2030, along with 1 MM FCEVs in use on China's roads
within the same timeframe. Also, China's green H2
is forecast to reach 200,000 tpy by 2025, and several
CCS projects are taking place (e.g., Sinopec's mega-ton
Qilu-Shengli Oilfield CCUS project and Yangchang Petroleum
Group's CCUS project in the Shaanxi province).
In 2021, Shell China and Zhangjiakou City Transport
Construction Investment Holding Group Co. began operations
on its 20-MW power-to-H2
Phase 1 of the project also included H2
facility in Zhangjiakou.
fueling stations in
the city. Phase 2 is underway, which will scale up production
capacity to 60 MW.
Also in 2021, Ningxia Baofeng Energy Group began
operations on the world's largest green H2
project. Locatand
renewable energy projects are
ongoing in Australia, with many in the feasibility, proposal
and planning stages. For example, BlueScope is working
with Shell to explore renewable H2
These include a H2
electrolyzer plant at the Port Kembla
Steelworks to produce green H2 for steel production and
the Illawarra H2
Lastly, Aviation H2
from the atmosphere. The A$2.26-MM project will
for conversion into
is conducting research on decarbonizing
the global aviation sector. The company is trying to
develop H2
simply modify existing aircraft to utilize H2
ing an entirely new aircraft.
China. China is the world's largest H2
than 20 metric MMtpy of gray H2
-fueled planes, which enable airplane owners to
fuel vs. purchasproducer,
with more
one-third of the world's total. This puts China's H2
at about three times that of the entire H2
(7 metric MMtpy).
output, or approximately
supply of Europe
ed in Ningxia, the 150-MW electrolyzer is powered by a
200-MW solar array. However, the complex will be surpassed
in size by Sinopec's 260-MW electrolyzer being
built in Xinjiang. The electrolyzer will receive power from
a 300-MW solar array. Operations are scheduled to begin
in mid-2023. Sinopec has vowed to spend more than
$4.5 B on H2
of 1,000 H2
energy by 2025, including the establishment
refueling stations and green H2
production of 1
MMtpy. The company also plans to begin operations on the
$405-MM Ordos green H2
wind power to produce 200,000 tpy of green H2
includes the construction of 270 MW of solar power and
50 MW of wind power to produce 10,000 tpy of green H2
Japan. In 2017, Japan became the first regional government
to adopt a national H2
framework. This framework was
followed by the Strategic Roadmap for Hydrogen and Fuel
Cells in March 2019, which envisages significant consumption
of H2
in Japan soon.
One complication to boosting H2
consumption is the
high cost. Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Indus17
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project, which will use solar and
. Phase 1

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