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try (METI) estimates that the cost of H2
mercially viable. To reduce H2
sumption goal for H2
for increased H2
must decrease to
-almost on par with the cost of LNG-to be comcosts,
Japan has raised its conto
5 MMt-10 MMt and set forth initiatives
-fueled backup power generation and greater
adoption of FCEVs. The government hopes to bring down
the cost of blue H2
(with carbon capture) to ¥30/m3
by 2030.
Japan has been investing heavily in fuel cell technologies
over the past 12 yr, after it began commercially offering
fuel cell-powered, micro-scale, combined-heat-and-power
systems. By 2030, Japan plans to significantly increase the
amount of power it generates using H2
, with plans to burn
approximately 10 MMtpy by that year-roughly equivalent to
the power produced by 30 nuclear reactors.
In addition to more wind and solar power, the increase
in H2-driven power generation will help Japan reach carbon
emissions neutrality by 2050-a target announced by Prime
Minister Yoshihide Suga in September 2020. To this end,
the Japan Hydrogen Association, formed in late 2020, is
promoting H2
in several areas for decarbonization.
Japanese companies have also initiated feasibility projects
to decarbonize the country's steelmaking industry,
a feat that is estimated to cost more than $70 B. Japan's
steel industry accounts for approximately 40% of the country's
total emissions, so various Japanese companies are
looking towards H2
, along other means, to mitigate carbon
emissions within the steelmaking process. These pathways
include using H2
to produce steel, utilizing electric furnaces
in the process and incorporating next-generation blast furnaces
that reuse CO2
emitted during steelmaking.
H2 projects. A major project, led by Chiyoda and Nippon
Yusen, launched a demonstration H2
2020. Chiyoda's technology adds toluene to H2
can be used in fuel
global supply chain in
, creating a
more stable substance for transportation and storage. The
toluene must be removed before the H2
cells, but the stabilized H2
ship used to ship chemical products. Chiyoda shipped H2
can be transported by a normal
produced in Brunei from waste gas-in a tanker in three
round trips between Brunei and Japan, supplying approximately
110 t of H2
Toshiba offers technology to convert electricity to H2
which can be stored for use during times of unstable power
India. According to the country's hydrogen strategy, India
is aiming to produce 5 MMtpy of green H2
by 2030. To help
accomplish this goal, the country will set up separate manufacturing
zones, waive interstate power transmission charges
for 25 yr and provide priority connectivity to electric grids
to green H2
and green ammonia producers, according to a
Reuters report. For example, India's Cabinet Committee on
Economic Affairs has approved the Phase 2 development of
the Green Energy Corridor. The project will add nearly 10,800
km of transmission lines to distribute nearly 20 GW of renewable
energy to seven India states (Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh,
Karnataka, Kerala, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh).
The country's major energy companies plan to invest
heavily in building a H2
value chain in India. Reliance Industries'
CEO, Mukesh Ambani, announced investments of
$75 B in renewables infrastructure (e.g., electrolyzers, solar
panels, generation plants), as well as increasing H2
in the country. For example, Reliance plans to repurpose
$4 B in gasification assets to produce blue H2
, along
with incorporating CCS into its operations. The Adani Group
has pledge $70 B to build new solar, wind and H2
chains over the next decade-much of this infrastructure
South Korea. The country unveiled its H2
with a vision to sharply increase the production of H2
ered vehicles and electricity generation by H2
roadmap in 2019
In 2020, the
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supply from renewable energy. Toshiba is also a player in one
of the world's largest operating green H2
plants, the 10-MW
Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R). The
FH2R project opened in March 2020 in Fukushima, Japan.
The 100 kg/hr of H2
produced at the complex via solar-powered
electrolysis will be able to fill 560 fuel cell vehicles per
day and will be used in buses and other vehicles.
Among marine applications for H2
mercialize large H2
, Japan's Kawasaki
Heavy has developed the world's first vessel to ferry liquefied
, the Suiso Frontier. The company also plans to comships
by 2030. The Suiso Frontier began
H2 shipments from Australia to Japan in 2021. Also, Iwatani
and Kansai Electric Power plan to commercialize H2
fuel cell vessels by 2025.
Several test projects between Japan and potential suppliers
in the Middle East have also been established. These
projects include the world's first shipment of blue ammonia
from Saudi Arabia to Japan in September 2020 and the
active role being taken by Japan in Oman's new H2
will be in India. Indian Oil Corp. (IOC) plans to install green
production by 2030.
India can also use increased green H2
production to
boost the nation's green ammonia production capacity,
which would help reduce the country's fertilizer import bill.
The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis
has forecast that H2
demand from India's fertilizer industry
should increase from approximately 3 MMtpy to 7.5 MMtpy
by 2050. One producer-ACME Solar Holdings-has already
announced a $6.7 B investment to boost green ammonia
production in the country. Acme Solar Holdings plans to build
7 GW of renewable power in Tamil Nadu. The power produced
will produce 100,000 tpy of green ammonia in Phase
1. The company plans to scale up operations to 1.2 MMtpy of
green ammonia production by using 3.5 GW of electrolyzer
and 5 GW of solar power. Avaada announced plans to invest
$5 B to develop an integrated H2
and green ammonia plant in
Rajasthan. The project consists of 6 GW of renewable energy
capacity to feed the 1-MMtpy green ammonia plant.
Other companies have announced partnerships to
increase India's H2 infrastructure. For example, Larsen &
Toubro are working with ReNew Power on developing
green H2
a 4.3-tpd green H2
projects in India. GAIL plans to start operations on
plant in Madhya Pradesh in late 2023.
Bharat Oman Refineries is planning to install an 8.5-tpd
green H2
Corp. Ltd. is also adding a 370-tpy green H2
plant in its Bina refinery; Hindustan Petroleum
plant at its
Visakhapatnam refinery; and Indian Oil will build a green H2
plant at the Mathura refinery. HyGear and GPS Renewables
will convert organic waste and landfill gas into H2
via GPS
Renewables' bio-methanation plants. NTPC and Gujarat
Alkalies and Chemicals (GACL) have signed an MoU to build
100 MW of renewable power to feed a green methanol/
green ammonia production facility at GACL's Vadodara and
Dahej complex. Once completed, the facility will produce
75 tpd of green methanol and 35 tpd of green ammonia.
plants at its refineries in Mathura and Panipat to replace
carbon-emitting units. IOC plans to install 70,000 tpy of
green H2

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