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1. Building market demand, which is needed to
increase supplies and commercialization pathways
2. Deploy CCUS technologies
3. De-risk investments in emerging H2
4. Promote and encourage technology and innovation,
which includes the use of demonstration projects,
research and innovation showcases to prove and
scale up H2
5. Ensure regulatory efficiency, codes and standards
to drive safety in the H2
value chain
6. Increase and encourage public-private partnerships
and government-to-government relationships to
advance the H2
7. Pursue H2
economy, send coordinated signals to
investors, and build public education and acceptance
To adhere to these pillars, Alberta is developing several
H2 and carbon capture projects. For example, Shell plans
to take FID on the Polaris Carbon Capture project in 2023.
The project's goal is to capture CO2
from the company's
Scotford refinery and chemicals plant. Phase 1 of the project
would capture up to 750,000 tpy of CO2
building a CO2
storage hub in the area. SpectrumH2
. Phase 2 involves
has a
similar project planned that also includes capturing CO2
emissions at a large-scale industrial site, transporting it and
sequestering it in depleted natural gas fields. The company
has also signed an MoU with a natural gas developer in
Alberta to produce and market blue H2
TC Energy plans to take FID on its Crossfield H2
2023. The plant will produce up to 60 tpd of H2
project in
-this can be
expanded to 150 tpd, if needed-for use in long-haul trucks.
The plant would capture CO2
capture hub in the Wabamun area. The project includes
capturing up to 3 MMtpy of CO2
from Capital Power's Genesee
Generating Station that will be stored in Enbridge's
carbon hub. Enbridge has also signed an MoU with Lehigh
Cement that includes capturing and storaging CO2
from the company's cement operations in Alberta.
Near the Wabamun area, Air Products is investing more
than $1 B to build a H2
production plant in Edmonton. The
complex, which will use auto-thermal reforming to produce
, will also include a H2-fueled power generation plant
and sequester it. Approximately
300 km north of Crossfield, Enbridge is developing a
and a liquid H2 facility. Once operational in 2024, the facility
will produce 1,500 tpd of H2
up to 3 MMtpy of CO2
. The H2
, with the ability to capture
produced will be shipped to
Air Products' customers along its Alberta Heartland Hydrogen
Pipeline network.
Inter Pipeline is working with Itochu Corp. and Petronas
to possibly develop blue H2
The province has several additional active H2
and blue methanol production
facilities in the province. The initiative would consist of two
projects to produce blue H2
/blue methanol, which would
be exported to countries like Japan. The project developers
expect to reach FID in 2024, with first production in 2027.
Suncor is working with utilities provider ATCO on the
development of a 300,000-tpy H2
Fort Saskatchewan. Approximately 65% of the H2
production plant near
will be used by Suncor in its refineries, while some
20% will be injected into Alberta's natural gas grid. The
project developers plan to take FID in 2024, with operations
scheduled to begin in 2028.
Montem Resources is converting the Tent Mountain
Mine into a renewable energy complex. The Tent Mountain
Renewable Energy Complex contains three primary elements:
a 320-MW pumped hydro energy storage, a 100MW
green H2
electrolyzer and a 100-MW offsite wind farm.
The facility will not only produce zero-emissions power for
Alberta's energy grid but will also produce green H2
various industries and applications.
Nauticol is investing upwards of $4 B in the Grand Prairie
Net-Zero Blue Methanol project. The facility will process
domestically produced natural gas into methanol, while
including carbon capture within the project. Once operational
in 2026, the plant will produce up to 3.4 MMtpy of
net-zero blue methanol. The blue methanol will be loaded
on rail cars and sent to the Port of Prince Rupert (British
Columbia) for export.
Quebec. In early 2022, steelmaker ArcelorMittal successfully
tested using green H2
to produce iron ore at its
plant in Contrecoeur. The company replaced approximately
7% of the natural gas typically used in the process with
green H2
. This test showed that steelmakers could utilize
green H2 to reduce carbon emissions during the steelmaking
process. ArcelorMittal has invested more than $5 B in
three other projects in Belgium, Spain and France.
projects, including:
* The nearly $700-MM Varennes Carbon Recycling
facility, which will convert more than 200,000 tpy
of non-recyclable waste into nearly 125 MMtpy
of biofuels and commonly used chemicals.
The project also includes the construction of
a large-scale green H2
facility. Commissioning
of Phase 1 is scheduled for 2023.
* Gazifère and Evolugen are investing $90 MM
to build a 20-MW electrolyzer in the city of
Gatineau. The produced green H2
will be pumped
into Gazifère's natural gas distribution network,
which connects to the electrical grid.
* The Montreal Port Authority and Greenfield Global
are cooperating to develop and commercialize
green H2
, ethanol and green methanol for the
maritime industry at the Montreal port.
* Charbone and Superior Propane are collaborating
to deliver green H2
to commercial and industrial
customers in Quebec. The green H2
will be produced
at Charbone's Sorel-Tracy plant, with deliveries
to begin in late 2022.
Other provinces. EverWind Fuels plans to convert the
NuStar storage terminal in Point Tupper, Nova Scotia into
a green H2
the production of green H2
hub for Eastern Canada. The facility will include
and green ammonia. Phase 1 is
scheduled to be completed around 2025, with Phase 2 to
start operations in 2027.
Charbone Corp. is working with the city of Selkirk to
build Manitoba's first green H2
facility. The produced green
H2 will be sold to commercial and industrial customers in
the region.
The government of Saskatchewan is pushing for a
hub in the province's Regina-Moose Jaw
potential H2
area. The province's government is working with potential
investors/companies to increase green H2
facilities, as well as the adoption of CCUS technologies/
projects. Saskatchewan's goal is to create a H2
and demand value chain. Only time will tell if this initiative
increases the development of H2
and carbon capture
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