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ambition to build more than 500 MW of renewable-powered
electrolyzer capacity at Lingen.
Germany also has plans on building additional H2
stations in the country. For example, Everfuel plans to build
a new H2
fueling station in Frankfurt. Once operational,
the refueling station can refuel 22 fuel-cell buses per day.
HyBayern is building a 5-MW H2
generation plant to provide
additional green H2 to H2 fueling stations in Munich and
Ebersberg. The fuel will power regional public transport.
In Salzgitter, Uniper and Salzgitter AG have partnered to
. The SALCOS project includes producing
deliver green H2
green H2 to decarbonize the steel industry. The project will
receive feedstock from Uniper's operations at Wilhelmshaven-Uniper
is developing a green ammonia import terminal
and 1,000-MW electrolyzer plant at that location.
Approximately 90 companies have banded together to
support the AquaVentus project offshore Germany in the
North Sea. The project's goal is to provide 10 GW of production
capacity to produce 1 MMtpy of green H2
by 2035.
On Germany's Baltic coast, HH2E AG and the MET Group
plan to invest approximately $1 B to build a large-scale P2X
project in Lubmin. Phase 1, at a cost of more than $200 MM,
includes the construction of a facility to produce 6,000 tpy
of green H2
. A second phase will increase green H2
to 60,000 tpy. Stages 1 and 2 are scheduled to begin
operations in 2025 and 2030, respectively.
Approximately 250 mi south of Lubmin, Niederbarnimer
Eisenbahn has commissioned 7 H2
-powered, two-car trains
that will be used to help decarbonize the Berlin-Brandenburg
metropolitan railway region.
Iceland. The country's national power company, Landsfeasibility
of using
is exploring the technical
carbon capture from PCC SE's silicon metal plant. The project's
scope includes using the captured carbon to produce
green methanol.
Italy. According to Italy's National Development Plan,
H2-powered vehicle sales (i.e., FCEVs) could reach approximately
27,000 by 2025. The sales forecast for H2
buses and heavy machinery is much lower at just 1,110 and
2,000, respectively-the outlook for heavy machinery sales
extends to 2030. The development plan also forecasts the
increased use of H2
to power train travel.
To increase Italy's H2 fueling network, Air Liquide and
Eni have partnered together to build H2 fueling stations
throughout the country. Several companies-Snam, Toyota
Motor Europe, Toyota Motor Italia and CaetanoBus-are
joining together to promote H2
mobility in Italy, as well. The
group plans to increase the production and distribution of
green H2
for the light- and heavy-duty transport sector in
Italy and possibly other EU countries.
Snam, in partnership with Sagat SpA, is also developing
a 1.2-MW H2 fuel system for use at the Torino airport. The
project, scheduled to be completed in 2Q 2023, will produce
to help fuel the airport's electricity and heating.
Netherlands. The nation is investing in several initiatives
to increase green H2 production. The Netherlands plans to
invest upwards of $40 B in new technologies and infrastructure
to decarbonize the country-the Dutch government has
announced plans to invest more than $750 MM over 10 yr to
develop a national H2
investments include the advancement of green H2
transport network in the country. These
and e-fuels.
According to the Port of Rotterdam's self-assessment of
active H2 projects, the port area is expected to supply northwest
Europe with approximately 4.6 MMtpy of H2
by 2030.
The port will also be the site of the CH2aRT project, which
includes the construction of green H2
refueling stations for
heavy-duty trucks.
Shell took FID on the Hydrogen Holland 1 project in
2022. The initiative includes the construction of a 200-MW
electrolysis plant at the Port of Rotterdam. The green H2
produced will be used for industry and the transport sector.
Shell has also partnered with Mitsubishi Corp. to possibly
build new offshore wind farms to produce green H2
project's goal is to produce 400,000 tpy of green H2
. The
2030. Additional wind farm capacity could boost green H2
production to 1 MMtpy by 2040.
Also in Rotterdam, the MultiPLHY project-led by a
consortium comprised of Neste, Sunfire, CEA, Paul Wurth
and ENGIE-aims at installing, integrating and operating
the world's first high-temperature electrolyzer system in
a multi-watt scale (2.4 MW). The project will be located
at Neste's renewables product refinery in Rotterdam. The
green H2
scope of work calls for the construction of a 250-MW green
plant at the Port of Rotterdam. The produced H2
provide feedstock for bp's Rotterdam refinery and other
industries in the area. FID is scheduled for 2023.
At the time of this publication, the country was reviewing
tenders for large-scale wind farms approximately 29 mi
offshore. The wind farms will produce renewable energy to
feed a 500-MW-600-MW electrolyzer cluster to produce
green H2
more than $110 MM in funding to three projects in the
country to produce green H2
. If built, the eletrolyzer cluster would be the largest
in the world.
Norway. The Norwegian government plans to provide
and ammonia. These three
projects will complement the capital-intensive Northern
Lights carbon capture project to help Norway reach
net-zero goals. The three projects include:
* Yara's pilot project to produce green H2
and ammonia
at its fertilizer facility in Her√łeya-Yara's plant will
produce more than 20,000 tpy of green ammonia,
which will be converted into 60,000 tpy-80,000 tpy
of green fossil-free mineral fertilizer
* Horisont Energi's green ammonia project, which
includes CO2
emissions capture. Horisont Energi is
also developing the Barents Blue project, which will
use natural gas from offshore production to produce
blue ammonia. The project will include CCS, as well
* TTI's conversion of its smelting plant from
coal power to H2
Several other projects are ongoing in Norway. Everfuel
and Greenstat are developing the Hydrogen Hub Agdar,
which will supply green fuels to the region's shipping
sector. Phase 1 includes the construction of a 20-MW electrolyzer
to produce 8 tpd of green H2
. A second phase will
triple electrolyzer capacity to 60 MW. Phases 1 and 2 are
scheduled to be completed in 2024 and 2027, respectively.
At the Slagen terminal, ExxonMobil, Grieg Edge, North
Ammonia and GreenH are conducting a feasibility study to
possibly produce green H2
and green ammonia. The projproduced
will help power the refinery's operations.
HyCC is working with bp on the H2-Fifty project. The
ect, if built, could produce up to 20,000 tpy of green H2
and distribute 100,000 tpy of green ammonia. At the time
of this publication, no additional information was provided
regarding FID or completion dates.
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