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In Sadua, IVERSON eFuels is building a green ammonia
facility. Phase 1 includes the installation of 300-MW of electrolysis
capacity to produce 600 tpd of green ammonia. The
facility can be scaled up, if needed.
Portugal. The country's goal-outlined in its National H2
Strategy-is to increase H2 in energy consumption to 5% by
2030 for the domestic industrial sector. This includes the
establishment of 2 GW-2.5 GW of H2
production capacity
and 10%-15% H2
injected into the national gas grid.
In Sines, 13 companies are developing the GreenH2Atlantic
project. The project-which will use a 100-MW
electrolyzer to produce green H2
-will convert a coal-fired
power plant in Sines to an H2 production facility. The plant's
construction will begin in 2023, with startup scheduled for
2025. The city will also be the site of the more than $1-B
MadoquaPower2X project. The project developers plan to
take FID in 2023. If built, the facility will produce 50,000
tpy of green H2
projects are part of Portugal's EN-H2
and 500,000 tpy of green ammonia. These
initiative, which targets
2 GW of electrolyzer capacity by 2030.
Wärtsilä is partnering with Capwatt to test the use of
green H2 in power plant operations. The pilot project is
being developed at a combined heat and power plant in
Maia. The project's goal is to blend up to 10% green H2
in the
power plant's feed. If successful, this can lead to additional
pathways to decarbonize the country's nuclear industry.
P2X Europe is developing a power-to-liquids project.
The more than $600-MM plant will produce green H2
, along
with incorporating carbon capture technologies, to produce
20,000 tpy of synthetic hydrocarbons. This feedstock will
be used to produce e-fuels, primarily e-jet fuel, and as a
feedstock in the chemicals industry.
Spain. The country is investing in several projects
to boost its use of H2
. For example, the Win4H2
includes the development of green H2
production and distribution
infrastructure for the country's transportation sector.
The project-in the feasibility study phase at the time of
this publication-will establish H2
supply points around the
country. The project's first phase includes supply points in
the cities of Madrid, Valencia, Mercia and Cartagena.
Iberdola and H2
Green Steel are developing a $3.1-B
project to use green H2 to produce steel. The capital-intensive
project includes the construction of a 1-GW green H2
plant to aid in the production of approximately 2 MMtpy
of green steel ore.
ArcelorMittal, Enagas, Grupo Fertiberia and DH2
gy are developing a capital-intensive H2
in Spain.
The HyDeal España project envisions the construction of
a 9.5-GW solar farm and electrolyzers able to produce
7.4 GW by 2030. Production is scheduled to begin in 2025.
The green H2
will help produce green steel, green ammonia
and green fertilizers, among other products. Copenhagen
Infrastructure Partners is investing in additional wind
power generation capacity, as well. The company, along
with its project partners (Vestas, Naturgy, Enagas and
Fertiberia) will jointly build a 2-GW-5-GW wind and solar
park in Aragon. This will help power a 2-GW electrolyzer
that will enable the JV to produce 40,000 tpy of green H2
Also in Aragon, Raven SR is building a waste-to-H2 facility.
Once operational in 2023, the plant will convert 75 tpd of
organic waste into 1,600 tpy of renewable H2
More than 20 companies and 10 associations are collaborating
on the nearly $4-B SHYNE project. The project's
goals are to establish a green H2
network to decarbonize
various industrial sectors of Spain's economy, including
establishing innovation hubs.
Sweden. Liquid Wind and Ørsted are developing the
FlagshipONE project. This project will use a 70-MW electrolyzer-feed
will be provided by onshore wind turbines
and biogenic CO2
collected from the Hörneborgsverket
heat and power plant in Örnsköldsvik-to produce 50,000
tpy of e-methanol. The e-methanol will be used to power
marine vessels to decarbonize the seas. The project partners
plan to take FID this year. If greenlighted, operations
on FlagshipONE are scheduled to begin in 2024.
Sasol is working with Uniper on the SkyFuelH2
This initiative plans to produce sustainable aviation fuel
(SAF) from green H2
of H2
UK. The UK government's goals are to establish 10 GW
production (50% green, 50% blue) by 2030, as well
as increase CCS to 10 MMtpy within the same timeframe.
To accomplish this ambitious goal, the nation is developing
several projects and partnerships to boost green H2
and use within its borders.
In 3Q 2021, bp, Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. (ADNOC)
and Masdar signed an agreement to develop low-carbon
hubs in both the UK and the United Arab Emirates
(UAE). This agreement includes decarbonizing oil and gas
operations, increasing green H2
supplies to their respective
transportation sectors and increasing the use of CCS,
among others.
In Teesside, bp is developing the HyGreen Teesside
and H2Teesside projects. The HyGreen Teesside project
includes the construction of a large-scale H2
facility. bp plans to take FID on the project in 2023. If built,
the facility's goal is to produce up to 500 MWe (MW electrical
input) of H2
phase will see 60 MWe of H2
production by 2030. The project's initial
production, which will be
scaled up to 500 MWe by the end of the decade.
Also in Teesside, bp aims to produce 1 GW of blue H2
production by 2030. The project will convert natural gas
into H2
and CO2. The facility would use the H2
for various
applications, simultaneously capturing and storing up to
2 MMtpy of CO2
. FID is scheduled to be taken in 2024, with
operations slated for 2027. The HyGreen and H2Teesside
projects will help Teesside become a major H2
bp has also partnered with Daimler Truck AG to build
25 H2 fueling stations in the UK by 2030. These H2
stations would be geared toward fueling heavy freight
trucks. To help decarbonize the freight transport industry,
Daimler Truck AG plans to offer only CO2
-neutral trucks by
2039. These projects are aside from bp's pledge to invest
more than $22 B in the UK energy system by 2030. This
investment includes electrification, offshore wind power,
EV charging stations, CCS and green H2
among others.
INEOS plans to invest more than $1.3 B to reduce GHG
emissions at its Grangemouth, Scotland integrated refining
and petrochemicals complex. The capital-intensive plan
includes several emissions-reducing investments, including
CCS and increased H2
production. The company has
also announced plans to invest an additional $1 B at its
other sites in Europe. For example, INEOS plans to build
a 100-MW electrolyzer at its site in Cologne to produce
green ammonia, a 20-MW electrolyzer in Norway, and
additional projects in Belgium and France.
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