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around 1.2 metric MMtpy of green ammonia. Air Products
will be the exclusive offtaker for the ammonia, which will be
used to produce green H2
for electricity or transportation.
The project will also offset approximately 3 metric MMtpy
of CO2
Saudi Aramco also sent the world's first shipment of blue
ammonia to Japan in September 2020 for emissions-free
power production. Furthermore, the company has signed
an MoU with South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries to
provide liquid petroleum gas (LPG) to convert to blue H2
Aramco signed another MoU with Japan's largest refiner,
Eneos Corp., to study the development of a CO2
-free H2
ammonia supply chain. Aramco is also cooperating with
China on research for blue H2
and ammonia, as well as CCUS.
Saudi Aramco also plans to tap into vast domestic natural
gas reserves to produce blue H2
increase domestic blue H2
-Saudi Aramco plans to
production to 11 MMtpy by 2030.
For example, the company is investing approximately $110
B to develop the Jafurah gas fields. This unconventional
natural gas development is forecast to produce upwards of
1.1 Bft3
uled to begin in early 2024. Total natural gas production
should reach 2.2 Bft3
d by 2036. Saudi Aramco plans to use
some of this natural gas to significantly develop blue H2
production in the Kingdom.
Other Saudi Arabian organizations are partnering with
technology developers to further carbon-neutral H2
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has committed
more than $160 B in renewable energy investments.
A major component of the country's clean-energy roadmap
is the production of clean H2
, which will involve many
partnerships with outside entities. For example, ADNOC,
TAQA and Mubadala have partnered under the Masdar
brand to significantly expand renewable energy in the UAE.
The consortium plans to add more than 50 GW of renewable
energy by 2030, which will not only help the UAE reach
its net-zero emissions goals, but also be instrumental in
providing feedstock for green H2
ships will explore using green H2
production. Other partnerto
produce green ammonia
for fertilizer and/or as a transportation fuel (e.g., for marine
vessels), as well as adopting CCUS technologies for carbon
abatement. Masdar is also working with Engie to develop a
possible H2
hub in the country. The $5-B project's goal is to
develop up to 2 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030.
The country is also turning to additional natural gas
d of natural gas in its initial phase, which is schedsupplies
to meet net-zero emissions targets. For example,
ADNOC is investing several billions of dollars in the Ghasha
Mega-Project, which is the world's largest offshore sour gas
development. Operations are expected to begin in 2025,
with full ramp up to 1.5 Bft3
d of production scheduled by
in the country. For example, the Saline Water Conversion
Corp. signed an MoU with Cummins Saudi Arabia Co. to
build H2
gas production facilities for power generation. Also,
Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund signed an MoU with
POSCO and Samsung C&T on a feasibility study to build a
green H2
production plant in the country.
These initiatives and investments will be instrumental in
accomplishing Saudi Arabia's clean-energy goals set out in
its Vision 2030 plan.
UAE. Like other countries around the world, the UAE plans
to invest in carbon-abating technologies and infrastructure
to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. To reach this ambitious
goal (which would make the UAE the first in the Persian
Gulf area to reach carbon-neutrality), the UAE's ruler,
2030. The natural gas produced will be used for power
generation domestically. ADNOC has contracted Technip
Energies to conduct FEED work on mitigating emissions
from the project. This includes the installation of CCUS.
As part of TAQA's 2030 growth strategy, the company
is conducting feasibility studies on two green H2
The company's goal is to increase renewable energy in its
portfolio from 5% in 2022 to 30% by 2030. This significant
increase in renewable power includes boosting gross power
capacity to 30 GW-the company plans to add 18 GW of
renewable power in the UAE and 12 GW internationally.
The two green H2
plants being studied include one to
help decarbonize steel production operations of Emirates
Steel, with the second one focused on establishing a green
ammonia export facility with Abu Dhabi Ports.
Abu Dhabi is focusing heavily on blue H2
efforts over the
medium term, although it is also examining options for producing
green H2
. For example, state-run ADNOC has signed
agreements with domestic renewables firm Masdar and
UK-based energy giant bp to develop 2 GW of low-carbon
across hubs in the UK and UAE, with plans to expand as
the project progresses.
ADNOC has also partnered with OCI-owned Fertiglobe
for a large-scale blue ammonia project at its Ruwais facility.
The project will produce 1,000 metric tpy of ammonia for
export to Asia upon startup in 2025. ADNOC sold its first
cargo of blue ammonia from its Ruwais plant to Japan's
Itochu in August 2021 for use in fertilizer production and
has since sold additional cargoes to other Japanese buyers.
Similarly, ADNOC is working with South Korea's GS Energy
to develop value chains for blue H2
ADNOC is also part of an H2
and blue ammonia.
alliance with state entities
Mubadala Investment Co. and ADQ to develop significant
green and blue H2
production capacities in the UAE. Mubadala
owns Masdar, which is advancing plans for a solar-powered
green H2
demonstration project to power fuel cell buses
in carbon-neutral Masdar City, as well as aircraft used by
Etihad and Lufthansa. A second phase of the project, which
is being developed by Siemens Energy and Marubeni, will
examine the use of green H2
in the maritime and shipping
sectors. Masdar is also working to develop a renewables
and H2
2022, TotalEnergies joined the Masdar City H2
TotalEnergies plans to utilize green H2
value chain with Malaysia's Petronas. In January
to produce SAF. At the
time of this publication, the project was in the FEED phase.
In May 2021, Dubai commissioned its first green H2
at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, a vast
energy park slated to have a capacity of 5,000 MW by 2030.
The H2
production of H2
pilot project, which will demonstrate solar-powered
for energy storage, was developed by the
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and Siemens
Energy. Dubai also aims to make all its public transport
emissions-free by 2050, which will encourage the use of
-powered FCEVs.
Furthermore, a $1-B green ammonia facility in Khalifa
Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD) will start production in
Q2 2024, with exports from Khalifa Port targeted mainly to
Europe and the U.S. A second, $1-B green ammonia plant at
KIZAD will be powered by solar energy and supply ammonia
for bunker fuel and for export via gas carriers.
In Sharjah, Bee'ah is evaluating plans for a waste-to-H2
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