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Intermountain Power,
Siemens partner for H2 storage
Intermountain Power Agency
has teamed with Siemens Energy to
perform a conceptual design study for
integrating an H2 energy storage system
into a combined-cycle power plant.
The study is designed around Siemens
Energy's Silyzer technology, which uses
electrolysis to generate H2. The scope of
the research includes H2 compression,
storage and intelligent plant controls.
The goal of the study, which began
in March at the 840-MW Intermountain
Generating Station in Delta, Utah, is
to analyze the overall efficiency and
reliability of CO2-free power supply
involving large-scale production and
storage of H2. The study will also analyze
aspects of integrating the system into an
existing power plant and transmission
grid, such as the interaction with
subsystems, sizing and costs.
The Intermountain Generating Station
is transitioning from coal to natural gas,
with plans to integrate 30% H2 fuel at
startup in 2025 and 100% H2 by 2045.
The project will provide 840 MW of
electricity to customers in Utah and
Southern California.

EMEC, H2GO Power trial
AI green H2 technology

AI software platform with one of the
company's H2 storage units. Trialing the
system using energy data supplied by
EMEC from its H2 plant in Orkney, the
AI platform acts as an energy
management system, integrating data
about weather, electricity prices and
grid management. It then translates
this information, using AI predictive
algorithms to optimize the operation of
the storage systems by predicting future
power cost and user demands.
Initial results have indicated that
the AI-enabled approach can produce
H2 in a more cost-effective way, while
also helping alleviate stresses on the
national grid.

Phillips 66 to advance
reversible SOFC technology
Phillips 66 received a $3-MM grant
from the U.S. Department of Energy
to advance the development of highperformance reversible solid oxide
fuel cells (SOFCs). The company will
collaborate with the Georgia Institute
of Technology to demonstrate the
commercial feasibility of a low-cost,
highly efficient reversible SOFC system
for H2 and electricity generation.
Reversible SOFCs allow the fuel cells
to operate in either power generation
mode, as an SOFC; or reverse mode, as a
solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC). In the
latter, electricity is applied to the cells to
produce H2 through electrolysis. Phillips
66 holds eight granted U.S. patents and
22 pending U.S. patent applications in its
SOFC intellectual property portfolio.

H2GO Power, in collaboration with the
European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)
and Imperial College London, are trialing
the use of artificial intelligence (AI)
software coupled with H2 technology.
The HyAI (Hydrogen AI) project is a
pilot demonstration of AI softwarecontrolled H2 storage technology. HyAI
will show how software integrated with
H2 hardware can make intelligent, datadriven asset-management decisions in
real time and optimize renewable energy
integration into the UK electricity grid.
Led by H2GO Power, developers of
low-pressure H2 energy storage and
AI-driven asset management software,
the project has integrated an innovative

Quantum Fuel Systems to
provide H2 trailers
Quantum Fuel Systems, a fully
integrated alternative energy company,
has been selected by Certarus Ltd. to
develop and provide H2 " virtual pipeline "
trailers to be delivered by the end of
2021. The trailers are part of a $22-MM
contract that includes the provision of
" virtual pipeline " trailers for natural gas.
Certarus is in active discussions for
several potential H2 pilot projects in
which Quantum will provide trailers to
transport H2. Quantum launched the
world's first 5,000-psi H2 system on a
commercial vehicle in 1999, and later was
the first to certify a 10,000-psi H2 storage
tank to international standards.

Nortegas launches
H2 injection research project

Nortegas has launched H2SAREA,
a research project focused on the safe
injection of H2 into natural gas distribution
infrastructures, by means of researching
advanced technological solutions. The
injection of renewable gas into existing
natural gas distribution networks will
allow Nortegas infrastructure totaling
more than 8,000 km to be used.
The project consists of researching
new technological solutions, equipment
and components, which will allow the
natural gas networks to be transformed
to distribute H2 in different blending
scenarios: H2 injection systems,
compression systems, development of
specific smart fixers for H2, research into
new materials and components suitable to
be used in both 100% H2 environments and
in variable methane-H2 mixes, modular H2
separation systems, sensors, burners, etc.
The H2SAREA project will span 3 yr.
In the first phase, H2 injection will be up
to 20%. Percentages will be gradually
increased in a second phase up to 100%
H2. The project is part of the Basque
Hydrogen Corridor, where Nortegas
is working on additional initiatives to
promote the H2 economy.

Burckhardt to provide
compressors for H2
liquefaction plant
Compression has been
selected as compressor
supplier for a newbuild
H2 liquefaction plant in
South Korea. The order
includes two fully
skidded, BCS API 618 compressor
packages with 136 kW and 1,800 kW
power output, for the compression
of H2 within the liquefaction process.
The plant will produce 5 tpd of
liquefied H2 from 2023 to supply H2
charging stations in South Korea.
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