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Shell to expand electrolyzer
capacity at Rheinland refinery
Shell will increase the capacity of
the ITM Power PEM electrolysis plant
from 10 MW to 100 MW, in line with the
announced expansion of its German
refinery. The project is an integral part
of the planned transformation of the
site into the Shell Energy and Chemicals
Park Rheinland. Shell's partners for the
electrolysis project are ITM Power, ITM
Linde Electrolysis and Linde. Construction
is expected to begin in 2022.

CIP eyes Europe's largest
green ammonia plant
With A.P. Moller-Maersk as a
collaborator, Copenhagen Infrastructure
Partners (CIP) has unveiled plans for
Europe's largest production facility for
green ammonia. Green ammonia is a
preferred fuel for future marine use.
The Power-to-X facility, located in
Esbjerg on the Danish west coast, will
convert power from wind turbines to
green ammonia. The green ammonia
produced at the facility can be utilized
by the agricultural sector as green
fertilizer and by the shipping industry as
a sustainable green fuel.
According to CIP, the project has the
potential to reduce CO2 emissions by
approximately 1.5 MMt, equivalent to
permanently removing 730,000 cars from
the roads. The facility is planned to start
producing green ammonia in 2026.

Saipem, Alboran Hydrogen team
up on H2 plant construction
The companies signed an MOU for
the joint development and construction
of five plants for the production of green
H2 from electrolysis, three of which are
slated for Puglia, Italy (Brindisi, Taranto
and Foggia) and the other two for
the Mediterranean basin (Albania and
Morocco). The latter two plants will
produce ammonia from green H2.

Linde, Hyosung partner
to develop H2 infrastructure
in Korea
Linde is partnering with Hyosung
Corp. to build, own and operate
extensive liquid H2 infrastructure in
South Korea. This H2 network will
support the country's decarbonization

agenda to achieve net zero emissions
by 2050.
On behalf of the JV, Linde will build
and operate Asia's largest liquid H2
facility. With a capacity of more than
30 tpd, the facility will process enough
H2 to fuel 100,000 cars and save up to
130,000 tpy of CO2 tailpipe emissions.
Based in Ulsan, the plants will use Linde's
proprietary H2 liquefaction technology,
which is used to produce approximately
half of the world's liquid H2 at present.
The first phase of the project is expected
to start operations in 2023.
Under the partnership, Linde will sell
and distribute the liquid H2 produced at
Ulsan to the growing mobility market in
South Korea. To enable this, the JV will
build, own and operate a nationwide
network of H2 refueling stations.

Air Liquide, Itochu
to scale up Japan H2 mobility

fields. Hyundai Oilbank plans to sell
blue H2 as fuel for vehicles and
thermal power plants or for use with
desulfurization equipment, and is
planning to establish 300 H2 charging
stations throughout South Korea by
2040. The company will also receive
blue ammonia from Saudi Aramco.

Maire Tecnimont,
Adani Enterprises to develop
green H2 in India
Through its subsidiaries NextChem,
Stamicarbon and MET Development,
Maire Tecnimont has signed an MOU
with Adani Enterprises to produce
chemicals, ammonia and H2 from
renewable feedstock. The partnership
will utilize NextChem and Stamicarbon's
technologies and MET Development's
project development capabilities and
expertise to industrialize green chemistry
and circular economy sectors in India.

Air Liquide Japan and Itochu Corp.
have signed an MOU to collaborate
on the development of H2 mobility
markets in Japan. Air Liquide Japan
and Itochu will initially focus on H2
retail infrastructure in Japan, both for
passenger vehicles and for new fleets
of commercial vehicles.
The objective is to expand this retail
infrastructure and develop a competitive
H2 supply for passenger and commercial
end users, in collaboration with public
authorities, allowing a rapid ramp-up
of H2 mobility in Japan. The two
companies also will investigate global
opportunities to scale up the H2 supply
chain in support of the Japanese
government's H2 roadmap.

HHIH partners with Saudi
Aramco for blue H2
South Korea's Hyundai Heavy
Industries Holdings (HHIH) has made
a deal with Saudi Arabia's state-run oil
firm, Saudi Aramco, to cooperate on
an H2 project, with HHIH subsidiary
Hyundai Oilbank importing LPG for blue
H2 production from Saudi Aramco.
In addition, CO2 captured and stored
during the production process will
be provided to Saudi Aramco for the
extraction of crude oil from spent oil

Evolugen, Gazifère plan
large-scale H2 injection
project for Canada
Evolugen and Gazifère Inc. are
planning one of Canada's largest green
H2 projects for injection into a natural
gas distribution network in Québec.
The companies plan to build and operate
a 20-MW electrolyzer to produce H2 in
the Masson sector of Gatineau, adjacent
to Evolugen's hydroelectric facilities,
which will power the electrolyzer.
An estimated capacity of 425,000 GJ
of green H2 will be produced for injection
into Gazifère's natural gas distribution
network. The project is also anticipated
to remove approximately 15,000 metric
tpy of GHG emissions.

MMEX Resources plans
blue H2 project in Texas
MMEX Resources Corp. will establish
an H2 production project with carbon
capture at its existing steam methane
reforming site in Pecos County, Texas.
Along with European partner Black Tree
Energy Group, SCM and their U.S. unit,
V Engineering & Consulting LLC, MMEX
will develop and finance the H2 project.
MMEX is also studying additional H2
project plant site locations in East Texas,
the Houston ship channel area and the
Corpus Christi/Rockport area.
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